Greek panel focuses on gender relations

by Lauren Howard | 11/13/00 6:00am

A packed room of students came together at Kappa Delta Epsilon Thursday night to partake in "Who'd You Hook Up With?", part one of a discussion about the role of Greek life in gender relations at Dartmouth.

The event was led by a diverse panel of seven students, each with a unique perspective to add to the discussion.

Last night's talk was aimed at tackling the role sororities in particular play in forming the relationships between men and women on campus.

During their initial statements, many panelists discussed feeling excluded by the sorority system. Panelist Leah Threatte '01, president of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority felt that her sorority was not always respected on campus due to its small size and traditionally black heritage.

Stacy Smore '02, felt that her sorority sometimes encouraged sexually derogatory games at meetings, but that the "group mindset" deterred objectors from speaking up.

Another panelist complained of the often overly sexualized themes used for cosponsored social events.

After the panelists had concluded their remarks, the discussion was moved to the audience, which was asked to voice their concerns about the relationship between sororities and gender relations.

Many of the comments brought up issues about the Greek system as the primary social option and how that influences gender issues. The discussion was then opened to questions from the audience.

The second part of the "Who'd You Hook Up With" series will be held at Alpha Delta sometime in the coming weeks. This event was cosponsored by the '01 Class Council, Alpha Delta, Tri Delt, Women's Council, Kappa Delta Epsilon and MOSAIC.