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April 15, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Other homecomings low-key

As the '04s put the final touches on their bonfire and alumni flock back for the football game, many might be surprised to learn that few schools have homecoming festivities as popular or elaborate as Dartmouth.

Many of the other Ivy League schools have relatively subdued homecomings, although most larger universities do have a full plate of homecoming activities.

Yale doesn't even have a formal homecoming, although their games against Harvard and Princeton are considered a big deal, according to a reporter with the Yale Daily News.

Homecoming does take place at Princeton, but it does not carry a great deal of importance, according to a source at the Daily Princetonian. There aren't any special activities, and it is not something most students even pay attention to -- the student couldn't even recall when his school's homecoming was.

Homecoming at Brown is "more of an alumni thing than anything," according to a reporter with the Brown Daily Herald. "Football isn't really big here. Students don't go to homecoming more than any other football game." A cappella concerts, a dance, and tailgating marked some of the ways Brown students celebrated their homecoming this year, although the weekend is "not especially a big party weekend."

Rushing the field is a strong tradition at Cornell, with all freshmen rushing the field at the end of the first home game, which this year falls on homecoming. In addition, tailgating before the game is also quite popular, according to a reporter at the Cornell Sun. But although many alumni return for the game, for current students the weekend is "not that big of a deal."

Homecoming is always one of the biggest football games of the year at the University of Pennsylvania, with many alumni returning and students selling t-shirts. For example, when Pennsylvania played Yale, t-shirts with "Bulldog Blowout" were distributed. Many participate in a barbecue on the college green before the game, but for most students, the weekend is "not a huge deal," according to a source at the Daily Pennsylvanian.

.At Georgetown University, however, homecoming marks "a bigger weekend for partying, absolutely," according to a reporter with The Hoya. Before the game, tailgating festivities -- a long standing tradition -- involve many students, although now university regulations prohibit alcohol. At night, a dance sponsored by campus organizations and many off-campus parties keep students busy.

"Like at any other university, people get excited, the football game is a big deal," a reporter with Florida State University's FSView said about their homecoming. All campus organizations participate in the well-attended homecoming parade, and the later Pow-Wow rally includes a presentation of the football team, skit presentations by Greek organizations, as well as a comedian and musical act. Campers are everywhere, with many tailgating before the game. After the game, "everyone goes out," with the local clubs -- all located on a central strip " hosting block parties.

Ohio State University's homecoming this year was celebrated with a huge homecoming parade -- in which even college departments build floats -- and a performance by the Dixie Chicks, among other events, according to the large section of the university's website devoted exclusively to homecoming.