Ghesquiere to lead '04 class

by Kathleen McDermott | 10/19/00 5:00am

Elected last Wednesday, 2004 Class Council President Frederica Ghesquiere is already excitedly planning to "pour heart and soul" into energizing Dartmouth's newest arrivals.

The role of the Class Council, as Ghesquiere sees it, is to cultivate class spirit, involve the freshmen in the College, and give them a voice to make an impact.

Their class has "so much enthusiasm already," he said, and Ghesquiere would like to keep it going.

It's "important to get people excited about being here and being part of our class," Ghesquiere said.

Ghesquiere said the administration has also been speaking very highly about their class, and through Class Council Ghesquiere feels they can grow on that and truly impact the College.

Although here only five weeks, the Potomac, Md. native already feels right at home, and has been enjoying her time "just getting to know people, having fun."

Whether decking out in green and white face paint to cheer on the Big Green or working in her new role as council president, Ghesquiere -- Freddie to those unable to pronounce Frederica with the proper Belgian accent -- is loving it all.

Between waking up bright and early for crew and participating in Navigators' Christian Fellowship, Ghesquiere's days at Dartmouth are packed.

Although she initially considered majoring in environmental science, now with so many possibilities, Ghesquiere is more undecided than ever. "I'd like to major in everything," Ghesquiere said.

In high school, Ghesquiere was involved in many leadership positions, but she ran for council president only at the urging of her friends, who claimed that she knew a great number of people on campus after a short time at Dartmouth and would be perfect for the job.

And although the council has just began, preparations for Homecoming have already indicated just how committed the class is to making their experiences unique and memorable, Ghesquiere said.

In addition to preparations for the bonfire and Freshmen Sweep, council members are planning many other events, such as a class trip to Montreal, a dance and community service activities.

The council hopes to survey the entire class about what they're interested in doing. "We're really about finding out what the class is interested in and doing what they want," Ghesquiere said.

The council will also work with the Student Assembly on implementing policy, "molding the school into what we want." For example, many freshmen have strong feeling on the Initiative and would like to get involved and discover how others feel, Ghesquiere said.

But more important than policies are the students involved. "This whole council is comprised of all these amazing, amazing individuals," Ghesquiere said.

And it is the entire council and entire Class of 2004 that will make the council succeed and "preserve and build on" the "amazing, amazing place" that Dartmouth is, according to Ghesquiere.

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