10 Reasons I Love W

by Matt Soriano | 10/13/00 5:00am

1His position on gun control. George W.Bush successfully interprets the second amendment and allows all citizens to have their firearms and use them safely while enforcing the ability of the government to prevent criminals from having them.

  1. Social Security reform. Some people forget that Social Security is at its roots a Ponzi scheme. Present-day workers pay into the system to finance present retirees benefits. Social Security is not a savings plan, and to the extent that it is, its surplus is either invested in U.S. Treasury bonds which pay a paltry rate of return or the surplus gets wasted by pork-barrel Congressmen. By allowing Social Security to become a true savings plan in the grain of 401(k), George W. is allowing for more investment money to flow into American industry rather than wasteful government, allowing workers to get a higher rate of return from their taxes and discouraging U.S. Treasury bond issues and the subsidy of government debt.

  2. His Supreme Court judge criteria. It is time that we had judges that only interpreted the law rather than undemocratically changing laws and legislating from the bench. The checks and balances of the Constitution ought to be upheld. Roe vs. Wade ought to be devolved to the states.

  3. His Medicare proposal. Rather than throwing more money at a program that wastes 20 percent of it and denies quality health care to the citizens under its one-size-fits all program, George W. intends for citizens to have private health insurance that is accountable to the market, wastes less and provides more service.

  4. His education proposal. Rather than trapping students in failing public schools, George W. would allow concerned parents to take charge of their children's education while allowing public schools to retain the same amount of money, per student, as they did before. By allowing each parent control of the tax revenue that would go towards their children's education, George W. allows each parent to choose the best solution for their child's education.

  5. His civil litigation reform. By limiting punitive damages to $200,000, George W. protects large corporations which have done wrong and paid their damages from being bankrupted by voracious trial lawyers. Stopping trial lawyers from extracting money from the pillars of American industry must be a priority.

  6. His position on defense. Our servicemen are undertrained, stretched thin and increasingly underequipped for the dangerous post-Cold War world. George W. would allow U.S. troops to concentrate on fighting and winning wars rather than on long-winded social work and peacekeeping missions. Abrogating the ABM treaty and reducing our nuclear forces will move America beyond the Cold War and allow for the U.S. government to protect our citizens against the likely missile threats from North Korea's Taepo-Dong 2 and the Iranian Shahab 3.

  7. His position on volunteerism. I rather like the notion of charity rather than government aid. Charity by citizens and parishioners rather than service by faceless bureaucrats improves our civic life and provides a more effective and personalized approach to helping the disadvantaged.

  8. The tax cut. Yes, it provides a large benefit to the wealthiest. But it returns money to all workers. Sometimes people forget that the wealthy earned their money too and that they pay the majority of the income taxes in this country. A tax cut funnels America's money into the pockets of American citizens.

  9. His character. Unlike other former governors of southern states, George W. has neither cheated on his wife nor dropped his pants in a hotel room. George W. admits to his mistakes rather than lamely suggesting that there was "no controlling legal authority." George W. will act, and he will do things that are unpopular. But it is high time that America rejected the poll-driven politics of the past and accepted that presidents are leaders and not followers.

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