'Something in the Air' opens run

by Kathleen McDermott | 7/27/00 5:00am

Opening tonight at The Moore Theatre, Richard Dresser's "Something in the Air" is a dark comedy with a mysterious aura, according to the play's Lighting Designer Colin Bills '98.

In this play, Walker, a man down on his luck and in need of money, decides to buy the life insurance policy of a terminally ill patient.

But as the play progresses, Walker comes to know the patient, Cram. While Cram holds on to his life, and Walker meets a mysterious woman, the plot thickens. According to Bills the play is about what happens to them and their relationships.

"It's hilarious," with a lot of "physical humor, low-brow humor, really morbid dark humor," Bills said.

"It's not too heady . It makes you think about some things, but not too hard -- it's more about enjoying the aurora of the show and the aurora of the situations," he added.

For example, one scene includes two characters eating a still-moving West African rodent at an exclusive club, Bills said.

Yet the play is also "meant to be creepy, kind of put you on edge," he said.

After rehearsing six days a week since the beginning of the term, the cast is now beginning its three-week run of 10 performances, starting tonight at 8 p.m. and concluding with a 2 p.m. matinee show on Sunday, Aug. 13.

Directed by Drama Professor Mara Sabinson, the cast includes Jeff Withers '02 as Walker, Justin Jack '03 as Cram, as well as Heather Spiegel '02, Nigel Smith '02, Brenda Withers '00 and Steven Terry '02.

Costumes are by Drama Professor Margaret Spicer and sets by Georgi Alexi-Meskhishvili, also of the Drama department.

Bills absolutely recommends the play, as a "wonderfully funny, really riotous play" just perfect for the summer.

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