Sheba dances home with top award

by Deborah Bernstein | 5/25/00 5:00am

The joy of performing dominated the COSO awards ceremony yesterday, which took place in Collis Commonground.

The Sheba Dance Ensemble was given the Committee on Student Organizations' top award for best group, and Mystery and Myth, a live-performance radio show for children, was given the best new organization prize.

Sheba were called the "emissaries of the new wave of dance" at Dartmouth and were hailed as "community builders" for their varied performances across campus.

Dance was celebrated again with "In-Motion" -- which featured performances by the Chinese dance group, Jumpstart and Ujima among others -- winning the award for best collaborative event.

The Dartmouth Cords a cappella group was selected as the best performing group.

Publications were recognized as well, with The Dartmouth Contemporary literary journal winning the best publication prize and Sports Weekly editor-in-chief Jonathan Miller '00 winning the organization leader of the year award.

Advisors to student groups were also spotlighted, with awards going to Nora Yasumura, the Pan-Asian advisor, and Michael Hanitchak '73, advisor to Native Americans at Dartmouth. While Yasumura won for being a rookie advisor, Hanitchak was given the first-ever lifetime achievement award for a program advisor or director.

The Senior Symposium won the best event series, and the 28th Dartmouth Powwow was named best cultural event.

The Gay/Straight Alliance's web page was chosen as the best organization website while the Mock Trial team was celebrated as the best academic competition group.

Two students -- Rob Ristagno '00 and Brian Lai '02 -- were honored for their work as Dartmouth Broadcasting Finance Director and Dartmouth Asian Organization treasurer respectively.

Director of Student Activities Linda Kennedy opened the ceremonies by hailing the work of two seniors, Andy Lewis and Eric Buchman, in all aspects of student life throughout their tenure at the College.

The awards are presented annually to COSO-sponsored groups.