Recruiting numbers slightly up

by Victoria McGrane | 11/18/99 6:00am

About 330 of the 700 College seniors and graduate students who had orginally signed up for the first round of corporate recruiting turned in their resumes by the Nov. 11 deadline, according to Career Services' Recruitment Coordinator Monica Wilson.

Wilson said that there was a slight increase from last year in the number of students participating at this point in the process. She said there was also an increase in companies requesting on-campus interview dates for this round as well.

Sixty-five companies participated in the first round of recruiting, though 14 of these employers only accepted resume referrals and did not hold on-campus interviews.

The most heavily represented fields were finance, with 36 firms participating, and consulting, with 17 firms. There were also representatives from marketing, manufacturing, and computer science companies.

Wilson said there were several new companies participating for the first time, including Pharm-Eco, a pharmaceutical research company, and the marketing research group Peppers & Rogers.

Most students said they felt the first round had gone well, although several students faced some problems with this year's earlier 1 p.m. deadline. Previously, the deadline was set at 4:30 p.m.

Adit Beri '00 said he heard about a couple of people who were "burnt" by the new deadline.

Reportedly some students were only one or two minutes late, but Career Services wouldn't let them turn in their materials.

"I didn't think that was very fair," said Beri.

Meghan DeMark '00 said one student she knew arrived at 1:03, but was still not permitted to turn in materials.

"He had to send all his materials to the companies individually," she said. "I'm not sure if the companies [are] going to accept them."

Some students who missed the deadline had to pay up to $300 to overnight mail their resumes.

Wilson said some students were late submitting their materials, but she said that "we reminded them several times in writing and over bulletins that late materials would not be accepted."

She added that "students can still register and employers can still request interview dates, so the numbers will probably be up overall."

Wilson said that students will have three more opportunities to submit resumes on January 6, January 20, and February 3.