Who should be the Republican nominee? Forbes

by Matt Raymer | 10/28/99 5:00am

The Republican Party has lost sight of its ideals. The stances that led to a landslide victory in '94 -- lower taxes, the decreased presence of that bungling bureaucracy we call a government, and every other belief that has defined American Conservatism -- have taken a back seat to the dirty side of politics in the shallow attempt to simply win. Now, in the party's nearsightedness, Republicans have become obsessed with defeating the Democrats to the point of embracing moderatism and the nothing it has to offer. Isn't it time we stand up to useless Washington politics? Isn't it time we say no to spineless Republicanism and give a cheer for the conservatism that propelled our nation into greatness in the first place? Steve Forbes is our answer, and electing him will bring our country the greatest prosperity it has ever seen.

Unlike the other candidates, Steve Forbes understands just why our country is enjoying such prosperity today and, most importantly, how it could be even more so. Ironically, while we joke about how Al Gore invented the Internet, both Democrats and Republicans take credit as if they had.

Steve Forbes knows that the government hasn't accomplished our prosperity, the American people have, new technology has, and the capitalist market has, despite being limited by a Congress -- consisting of politicians like Senator McCain -- who have succumbed to the Clinton juggernaut. Steve Forbes proposes a better plan. By getting the money out of the leechlike hands of government and back to the American people, our economy will boom even more. If the Republican Congress and Clinton White House won't shut up about how great it is that consumer spending has gone up, why won't they decrease taxes on the American people? Why are they fighting about how to spend the budget surplus, instead of giving it back to the spending taxpayers who made that money in the first place?

Well, what about taxes? One of the greatest political hypocrisies today is that, while politicians claim to help the poor through stagnating graduated taxation, they hurt them by charging even more than a flat tax would. Through Steve Forbes' tax plan, the poor would pay no taxes at all, and Americans across the board would see significant tax cuts. No one should be punished for doing well -- the point of justice isn't to hurt the successful, it's to help the struggling, and Steve Forbes' tax plan does just that. It lets the American people save money for their kids' college education, boost the consumer economy, invest in America's future, give to charity, or whatever else they want to do without the idiotic government creating cruel and unusual bureaucracies to figure it out for them!

Well, now, what about social security? While the other candidates gripe about how to modify government spending which won't work anyway, Steve Forbes supports gradual privatization, which will give every American much greater security in retirement. Right now, you'll be lucky if you ever see $30,000 in social security. If you take the money that the government will steal (yes, steal; you'll never see over half of what you put in) from a normal 22 year old today, and invest it with the average rate of return from the '30s to the '90s -- counting the Great Depression and several recessions! -- that 22 year old would have $1,600,000 by retirement. Not only that, but by investing that money in America's businesses, the economy's prosperity will grow even more! The way other candidates propose social security, we'll never see it, but if Steve Forbes is elected, every American will be able to thrive. Aren't you tired of the government insulting your intelligence? Stand up for what makes sense!

Well, how about character? While none of the candidates take money from Chinese arms dealers, and only Governor Bush had an alledged cocaine addiction, the issue of campaign finance reform is coming to a head -- ironically enough from the likes of Senator McCain, who was censured for "gross negligence" during the Savings and Loan scandal that sent less influential men to jail. Go, instead, to the Forbes2000 webpage (www.forbes2000.com), where he has a complete list of campaign donors available to the public, a step far surpassing Senator McCain's failed, unbacked attempt.

Standing on the cusp of the millennium, this election will determine the path of American politics in the coming century. Don't fall into the gorge of centrism. Don't settle for talk and moderation. If you won't settle for today's bullheaded government, don't settle for the same tomorrow. Demand what's yours, and return sense to America's government.

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