Chang takes helm of 2003 Class Council

by Victoria McGrane | 10/29/99 5:00am

Recently elected president of the 2003 Class Council Dan Chang '03 said he has big plans for his class.

He said he plans to spend much of his first year at Dartmouth securing a strong voice for his class in the debate over the Trustees' Social and Residential Life Initiative.

"I think that this is a great way to contribute to the whole Dartmouth experience," he said. "I like to rise up to the challenge. I'm not afraid to fail."

In light of the Initiative, Chang wants to make sure that the '03s have the best opportunity to create the social options they want.

"Basically I want to do whatever it takes to make sure that our class makes a very informed suggestion -- decision -- about what they want out of Dartmouth and its social life," he said.

Once the Council gets their feet on the ground, Chang said he plans to speak with the '01 and '02 Class Council presidents about the Social Life Initiative.

Chang brings many years of experience to his position as Council president. He said he has been involved with student government since he was in elementary school. Prior to becoming class president, Chang was chair of the Council's activities committee.

Also, Chang was involved with the Bonfire and Freshman Sweep, both major events of Homecoming weekend.

According to Chang, the Council set up a "Lodge Crew-type" group to run through the crowd and get the students excited for the Bonfire. He pointed out the changes the Council has made to Homecoming weekend as one example of what the class is capable of.

"We're definitely making [this year] memorable," he said. "You can already see the spirit."

When he's not busy with his new duties as class president, Chang can usually be found at men's crew practice. Chang rowed for four years at his high school in Freemont, Calif.

Chang also shoots photographs for The Aegis and is a devout follower of The Simpsons, which he watches every Sunday with his roommates in the East Wheelock cluster.

As with everything else, Chang expressed enthusiasm about his time at Dartmouth so far.

"The experience here just gets better and better everyday," he said. "It's like you never know what's going to happen the next day, but you know it's going to be great."

Chang calls himself "a big fat undecided" with regards to his major but said he is interested in anthropology, math and social sciences.

He wants to minor in Spanish and hopes to design an independent Foreign Study Program to Barcelona during his sophomore winter, he said.