Yalie Who Complained about DCMB Should 'Get Over It'

by Ivan Cestero | 10/23/97 5:00am

To the Editor:

I'm sure to god that you have gotten dozens of responses to Eunice Park's ridiculous letter in the Oct. 20 issue of The Dartmouth. ["Dartmouth College Marching Band Embarrassed Itself and the Ivy League."]

I am not one to normally take the time to write letters to publications. However, I have never read a more stupid letter in my life.

Really, I am so flabbergasted at this poor girl's sense of "tact" that I don't know how to express my feelings -- I want to laugh at this girl and slap her at the same time.

It's not just because she feels this way, or because she has no sense of humor. More than that, I cannot stand to think that this girl sat down at a desk and found it worthwhile to articulate her thoughts in an organized letter to us here.

Did she think we would send Yale a letter of apology for bringing some comedy to what is normally a lull in the action of a football game? Does she know what a joke is?

More importantly, does she have any friends? Any interesting friends, I mean? And has she ever seen a football game before?

Excuse me if we are too aggressive for your team, next time we'll play without pads and maybe you'll be happy.

I know I'm rambling on here, but give me a break. She needs to get punchlines stuffed down her throat until she learns what it means to take a joke.

Lighten up, for the love of god and money.

Just because your football team is a waste of good pads and helmets, don't take it out -- especially in such a ridiculously academic manner -- on us or on our band, which has more fun in one halftime show than she will have in four years in beautiful, cultural New Haven.

Basically, get over it.

And, oh yeah, if a 5-year-old asks you what a G-spot is, just tell him to shut up and watch the game.