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June 17, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Student Assembly's Leaders Have Shown Unwillingness to Deal With Tough Issues

To the Editor:

Part of my growing uneasiness regarding the Student Assembly over the past two years stemmed from the leadership's adamant unwillingness to deal with difficult issues.

When a leader is dedicated to being noncontroversial, that leader can only do two things in the face of a difficult situation. That leader will either be weak in the face of a situation too big for him or her to deal with, or that leader will become autocratic in an attempt to obscure any indication of disconcert. I think various circumstances have shown Jon Heavey taking both positions, either attempting to cover up difficult issues with humorous banter or unilaterally using the execs, via Chris Swift, to expunge undesirable elements.

Hopefully in the future Dartmouth students will elect leaders with greater sophistication and sensitivity to the difficult issues inherent in being part of a diverse academic community.