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February 20, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Moose tops rankings in student mascot poll

The Dartmouth Moose has emerged as students' number one choice for a College mascot in the recent World Wide Web-based survey, while the Indian has received 10 percent of students' support.

About 500 students have logged in their preferences for a new mascot on the page created by the Big Green Backers, a group of students spearheading the search for a College mascot. Thirty percent of students said they would like to see the College adopt the moose.

Students are able to indicate more than one choice for a new mascot.

The most popular mascot suggestions so far include the moose, the mountaineers and the dragon, according to Big Green Backers member Matthew Sechrest '97.

About eight percent of students indicated that no new mascot was needed.

Students will be able to make suggestions for a new mascot until the end of the term.

During Winter term, all of the suggestions will be tallied and students will be asked to vote on the four most popular ideas, Sechrest said. In the winter, students will be able to vote for the new mascot at the web site as well as through paper ballots, he said.

Alumni have been asked to give their suggestions for a mascot through the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine.

Sechrest said he does not expect the College to officially sanction the new mascot.

"Hopefully the popular support will lead to the mascot's appearance on school uniforms and in College life," he said.

The Conservative Union at Dartmouth has made an effort to encourage its members to log onto the website and suggest a return to the Indian symbol, CUAD Chairman Michael New '97 said.

New said he realizes it is unlikely that the Indian symbol will return as the College mascot, but he said he feels it is important to preserve the traditions of the school.

Freshman Matthew Holmes agreed.

"The Dartmouth Indian is a historical convention," Matthew Holmes '00 said. "If we need a mascot representative of Dartmouth College, this is what I believe we should adopt."

Sechrest said many students who suggested the Indian symbol also made other suggestions as well.

Dr. Seuss characters were also popular candidates, he said, but they are protected by copyright laws.