Glee Club Was Invited to Sing at Tree Lighting

by Olivia Chapman | 11/27/96 6:00am

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to your Nov. 25 article concerning the College's traditional tree lighting ceremony, and the participation of the Glee Club and other student groups.

Our conversation with the Director of the Glee Club about the repertoire for this event has been ongoing since 1994. Since that time, and again this year, our intention has been simply to encourage the inclusion of secular music -- never to impose what should or should not be sung. The singing groups should and have selected their own programs.

The Director of the Glee Club declined the invitation to perform this year at the tree lighting because of a schedule conflict. We in turn contacted the Dodecophonics who accepted the invitation to sing at the event. As with the Glee Club, we have asked the Dodecs to include some secular music in their program but have left the final choice of songs to them. And all of us continue to hope that the Glee Club's conflict can be resolved so that they can also participate on December 6.

We are pleased that Dartmouth students will again this year be singing at the annual tree lighting event, and we invite all members of the Dartmouth and Upper Valley communities to attend and enjoy this special occasion of the season.