Greek council elects summer presidents

by Michael Ross | 7/1/96 5:00am

Plans for a fraternity Olympics, the production of a document summarizing each of the College's fraternities and revising new member education for College sororities are some of the proposals being studied by the Summer term officers of the Inter fraternity and Panhellenic councils.

The IFC is the self-governing body of the College's single-sex fraternities, while Panhell is the sororities' umbrella organization.

In elections held this Thursday Panhell choose Mariam Malik '98 of Delta Delta Delta sorority as president and Kristin Dwyer '98 of Sigma Delta sorority as vice president.

Christine DuRocher '98 of Kappa Delta Epsilon sorority was elected treasurer, Abbie Roberts '98 of Sigma Delta as Judiciary Council representative, Tara McDowell '98 of KDE as Judiciary Council alternate and Kimberly Coffey '98 of Delta Gamma sorority as secretary.

Programming chairs are Ann Marie Nee '98 of Epsilon Kappa Theta sorority and Aimie Cryer '98 of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority as programming co-chairs.

Malik, who has previously served as programming co-chair of Panhell, said she sees the summer as "primarily a continuation of what we started the last couple of terms."

"I'm going to especially focus on the new member education program," which has been revised over the past couple of terms, Malik said.

Although Panhell does not usually initiate programming, Malik said the organization would continue to support sororities' programming and continue to actively coordinate the different houses' events.

Malik also cited the importance of reaching out to the campus, noting that the sororities have always tried to schedule at least one open event per week and will continue to work with other campus groups.

"One of the reasons I became involved with Panhell is because we have reached out to other organizations ... we have specifically made it a top item on our agenda," Malik said.

The IFC board, mostly selected at the end of Spring term, consists of President Spiros Maliagros '98, a brother at Chi Gamma Epsilon fraternity, Vice President MacKenzie Hurd '98, a brother at Theta Delta Chi fraternity, Treasurer Tim White '98, a brother at Alpha Chi Alpha fraternity, Secretary Tom Loughrey '98, a brother at Theta Delt, and Social Chair Matt Brennan '98, a brother at Psi Upsilon fraternity.

Maliagros said the IFC planned to spend the summer working on a fraternity summer Olympics and compiling a booklet describing all of the College's fraternities.

The fraternity Olympics, currently scheduled for July 13, would feature basketball, swimming, track, arm wrestling and volleyball competitions, Maliagros said.

In the current plan for the event, only fraternity members will compete, Maliagros said.

However, he stressed that the plans have not yet been finalized.

The winner of the event will be awarded the Fraternity Cup, he said.

The IFC's other project, a booklet on fraternities at the College, is aimed at providing information for those considering rushing a house.

He characterized the booklet as "a prospectus, a summarizing look at what fraternities are all about," similar to the publications of many other colleges' Greek systems, but new to Dartmouth.

As IFC president, Maliagros said he wanted to show "fraternities are for bringing people together, for creating life-long bonds and for putting smiles on people's faces - and that's the bottom line."

Both Maliagros and Malik expressed a desire to foster cooperation within the Greek system.

Malik said Panhell would work with the IFC and the Coed, Fraternity, Sorority Council on programming events.

Malik and Maliagros also noted the importance of the Greek organizations to Dartmouth life.

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