Women worked in the Admissions Office before co-education in 1972

by Alfred T. Quirk and Alfred T. Quirk | 6/19/96 5:00am

To the Editor:

In Tuesday's Dartmouth ["Ups and downs of history are reflected in admissions policies," The Dartmouth, May 21] , an otherwise excellent article was seriously in error when Dean of Residential Life Mary Turco was quoted as saying that: "They had no female admissions officers when they launched the co-ed program."

One might infer from that quote that in 1972 there were no females on the Dartmouth admissions office staff. That would not be the opinions of Andrea Fisher Van de Kamp, Virginia Soule Norton, or Allison Bielli, all of whom had been hired by the Director of Admissions Edward T. Chamberlain, Jr. before the vote of the Trustees of Dartmouth to authorize admission of women to the A.B. degree. All three of those women were assured of their jobs even if the Trustees delayed official action for a year or more. (And that was not a 100 to 1 shot by any means.)