Will to Excel campaign exceeds goal

by David Pichler | 6/19/96 5:00am

The Will to Excel campaign shattered its goal of $500 million in pledges during the first week of June. Fundraising will continue until October.

The campaign total was hovering at $496 million at the end of May, and organizers hoped to reach $500 million before Commencement, according to a College press release.

During the first six days of June, the College received $7 million in pledges, according to the release.

Vice President of Development and Alumni Relations Stan Colla '66 said the $7 million resulted from several separate efforts succeeding at the same time.

Although the campaign has reached its goal, some individual goals have not been met, Colla said. The campaign will continue until its planned end in October.

The most pressing of the unfulfilled goals is for the Arts and Sciences endowment, Colla said. Currently, Arts and Sciences lags $33 million dollars behind its $127 million goal.

Other goals that were not filled include library funding, the athletic endowment and the endowment for the Hopkins Center for the Performing Arts, according to the release.

Colla said it is extraordinarily rare for a Capital campaign to reach all of its goals.

But Colla said he is still optimistic about most of the campaign's smaller goals.

"The net result will be that we met a lot of our goals," he said.

Colla said the College will not set a new goal.

"There is a sense that [the campaign] becomes greedy, rather than being in it for a set of well-documented needs," Colla said.

The campaign raised its goal from $425 million in 1994, and in January of this year the Trustees voted to extend the deadline of the campaign from June to October.

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