Freshman woman attacked near Kiewit

by Sarah Burch | 6/19/96 5:00am

An unidentified freshman woman was assaulted near Kiewit Computation Center in the early morning of May 30.

About 3:15 a.m., the woman was grabbed from behind by her hair by a man who appeared to be drunk, according to a Safety and Security press release.

The victim spun around and yelled at her assailant, causing him to flee toward Kiewit, the release states.

The victim described her assailant as a college-aged male, six foot, 200 pounds and having dark, medium-length hair.

Hanover Police Chief Nick Giaccone said the police department could not release any details regarding the assault.

But he said police cannot make a complete investigation because they do not have enough information.

"We have very little to go on," Giaccone said. "We're at a dead end."

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