Court issues arrest warrant for student

by Charles Davant | 6/21/96 5:00am

Grafton County Superior Court issued a warrant for the arrest of Peter Alphonso '96 on Wednesday for failing to appear at his arraignment.

Alphonso, who did not graduate June 9, was arrested for the felony charge of possession of stolen property April 24.

The Grafton County Sheriff's department will likely serve the warrant against Alphonso, Hanover Detective Sergeant Frank Moran said.

According to a press release issued by the Hanover Police Department, the police received warrants to search Alphonso's car and residence hall room in the Choates cluster on April 11.

The police seized an Aiwa stereo system and an Apple StyleWriter II printer, both of which were reported stolen in a burglary at Russell Sage residence hall last May.

Alphonso was arrested again in April for the separate, misdemeanor charge of false report to police, based on an incident in May, 1995, when Alphonso allegedly falsely reported having several pieces of sound equipment stolen from his car.

Alphonso was present at his arraignment June 12 for the misdemeanor charge, Moran said. Alphonso entered a plea of not guilty, he said.

Earlier this month, Hanover Police arrested Gene Park '98 for felony possession of the drug LSD, and Jackie Schutt '96 was arrested for burglary.

Park, who will be arraigned July 10, was charged with possession of LSD when charges were dropped against David Puritz '96. The LSD was found in Puritz's room in Bones Gate fraternity on "two one-half-inch foil-wrapped cubes," according to a Hanover Police press release.

Marijuana and LSD were seized from Puritz's room in Bones Gate during a police search after a false fire alarm.

"After the arrest of David Puritz the Hanover Police received information that indicated that the [LSD] in question belonged to" Park a release states.

"Due to this finding the felony charge against David Puritz for possession of LSD was withdrawn," it states.

Josh Winterhalt '97, who was arrested for possession of marijuana at Bones Gate during the fire alarm, will go to trial in Hanover-Lebanon District Court Aug. 14. Winterhalt has entered a plea of not guilty, according to Jane Marchetti, a clerk at the court.

Schutt, who also did not graduate, was charged with stealing clothes from another student's room and damaging property, Moran said.

Schutt's arraignment has not yet been scheduled.

Hanover Police also issued a warrant for the arrest of Richard McEwan, 19, of Windsor, Vt. who failed to appear at his arraignment May 22, Marchetti said.

McEwan was arrested April 9 for involvement in the nighttime attack of a male Dartmouth student near the Hopkins Center by five assailants in November. He was released on personal recognizance bail.

Two other men have been arrested in connection with the incident.

Moran said he thinks Hanover Police will arrested McEwan soon.

"We have an idea where he is," he said. "We'll get him. It is a matter of time."