Commencement speaker David Halberstam's words to graduates worth heeding

by Matthew Nisbet | 6/19/96 5:00am

To the Editor:

As a graduating senior, I give my thanks to the commencement speaker selection committee. David Halberstam's words rang true. His advice to "stay out of the fastlane" and to follow your instincts may not appeal to some students, but they come from a man that I can only watch, listen and read with the utmost admiration.

Standing behind the tree trunk podium, Halberstam was a statue of history, forged by decades of turbulence and accomplishment. I can only wonder sublimely at the mettle that anchored his success. As a generation, my classmates and I search for are own events to test our selves. Stranded at sea in the age of information and complexity, collectively we seem lost, but Halberstam's speech highlights an important message. With our newly minted Ivy League degrees, show humility and look to the past for guidance. Know yourself and stay away from the crash of today's world.

Once again, thanks.

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