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May 26, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Lorna and Abraham Hunter to leave College

Associate Director of Admissions and Director of Minority Recruitment Lorna Hunter will leave the College May 31 to become dean of admissions and financial aid at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania.

Assistant Director of Career Services and Advisor to Latino/Hispanic students Abraham Hunter, who is Lorna Hunter's husband, also has plans to leave the College.

After seven years at Dartmouth, Lorna Hunter will begin her new job June 17.

Lorna Hunter said her experience at Dartmouth has been very positive.

"I have seen Dartmouth grow and become more diverse," she said.

Lorna Hunter said during her time at Dartmouth, the College has succeeded in attracting a more ethnically diverse student body, attracted students from wider socioeconomic backgrounds and achieved gender parity.

"This has done a lot for the College and community," she said.

Lorna Hunter said minority recruitment has changed since she has been here.

"Minority recruitment has become more focused and intense," she said.

In terms of tactics employed to attract minority students, Lorna Hunter said the College now brings more students to see the campus.

Up until this year, the College had been successful in attracting an increasingly steady flow of minorities to the College, she said.

Lorna Hunter said her new job as dean of admissions and financial aid will differ from her job at Dartmouth in that she will be supervising the admissions process.

Abraham Hunter said he will head to Pennsylvania "eventually," but expects to remain at Dartmouth this summer.

He said he is unsure what he will do after he leaves Dartmouth. "Right now they have me looking at a couple of positions, but I have not yet made a definite decision," he said.

Abraham Hunter said he has greatly enjoyed his time at Dartmouth, especially his association with Latino students.

Hunter was named advisor to Latino and Hispanic students when the position was created by the dean of the college's office last spring.

"It was a very interesting time," he said, "meaningful in my interactions with students and beneficial in my interactions with faculty."

Dean of the College Lee Pelton said that a search for Abraham Hunter's replacement has not yet begun.

Pelton said he assumes that Director of Career Services Skip Sturman has given some thought to a replacement for Abraham's position of assistant director once Abraham Hunter leaves the College.

"Myself and the director of career services will have to sit down and discuss how we wish to fill this position," he said.

The College will also be looking to fill his part-time position as advisor to Latino and Hispanic students, according to Pelton.

Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Karl Furstenberg could not be reached for comment.