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April 20, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Gay students need show of support

To the Editor:

I was rather surprised to hear about last week's anti-gay incident in a Gold Coast dorm. Or should I have been? Three years ago as a closeted gay Freshman, I feared there was no support for gay students among my peers. I have since realized that Dartmouth students are quite open-minded about such things and will show their support when given the chance. I think I speak for many gay students on campus when I say I need a display of that support now more than ever. I need my friends to assure me that this incident was an aberration in a community of fair-minded students. I need to be reminded that my classmates stand with me in my outrage at such an immature and hateful act.

Please speak to me or other gay students personally. Or bring the issue up for discussion at dinner or at a house meeting. Or wear a rainbow sticker on your backpack, or put a "Gay Friendly Space" sticker on your door. Assure me that my surprise was warranted. Let me and others know that support is out there.