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February 26, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Assembly passes LACS resolution

The Student Assembly passed a resolution Monday night calling for the College to make Latin American and Caribbean Studies a permanent part of the College.

Unanimously approved by the Assembly, the resolution asks "for an administrative commitment to maintain the current opportunities at Dartmouth College to study Latino/as in the U.S. ... by making Latino/a studies courses and professors permanent components of the Dartmouth curriculum."

Drafted by Unai Montes-Irueste '98 and Khalid Osbourne-Roberts '98, the resolution discussed how the LACS program is funded by a Mellon Foundation grant, which terminates at the end of this year.

Montes-Irueste said the Assembly wants to move quickly to gain support from the faculty so the College will continue to provide LACS course offerings.

Support has to come from faculty members, he said, because they would have to vote on such a decision.

He said Monday's resolution is just the first step, and said the Assembly will send a letter next term to faculty members asking for their support.

Montes-Irueste said he and other members of the Assembly's academic affairs committee have spoken with several administrators and faculty members about eventually establishing a permanent LACS department.

"The College is very receptive," Montes-Irueste said.

The resolution is "one of the more important resolutions we've passed this year," said Scott Rowekamp '97, vice president of communications. "I hope we have an influence on keeping LACS at Dartmouth."

Montes-Irueste said although the faculty may not be informed on the subject of Latin American and Caribbean studies, the courses are popular with students.

At its meeting, the Assembly also elected several new leaders to replace Assembly members who will be off-campus next term.

Jonah Sonnenborn '99 will replace Rowekamp as vice president of communications.

Meredith Epstein '97, the vice president of student services, will be replaced next term by Simone Swink '98. Swink is currently the Assembly's parliamentarian and the Assembly will later have to appoint a new student to that position.

Nina Nho '97 will take over as treasurer in place of Ben Hill '98.

The Assembly also passed four resolutions regarding freshman elections.

The recommendations generally call for more communication and information regarding elections for freshmen.

Rowekamp also announced the successful implementation of two recent service projects carried out by the Assembly, including bus trips to New York City and Boston for students leaving Hanover today.