Seniors to follow dreams across nation, globe after graduation

by Jacqueline Rose | 6/11/95 5:00am

The future is an open book for all Dartmouth seniors. Some plan to embark on adventures that will take them thousands of miles from Hanover and others prefer to wait a few years before leaving the familiar surroundings of the College.

Some graduating seniors hope to plunge into the job market right away while others remain undecided about their future plans.

Several graduates have decided to use the skills they developed at Dartmouth to follow their dreams and interests in pursuit of less conventional jobs.

Teaching Women and Children in Africa

Amy Madden '95 also plans to pursue a career in medicine, however, she will travel across the world to educate women and youth about communicable diseases before applying to medical school.

After graduation, Madden will travel to the Central African Republic and work for the Peace Corps for two years.

She will instruct and help create programs designed to teach women and youth how to educate their peers about HIV, AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases.

"I feel as though I have been in school for 16 years, and now it is time to go out and actually do something with the tools that I have," she said.

Madden said that as an intern at the College Health Services at Dick's House she has had a lot of experience establishing peer education programs which address these diseases.

"I'm really excited, but I'm nervous as well," she said. "It will be a pretty big challenge to learn a new language and go into a new culture."

"Working with the Peace Corps is something I want to do before I go to medical school to gain perspective and to make sure that's what I want to do," she said.

Making Maps for National Geographic

Peter Jolicoeur '95 will work for National Geographic in Washington, D.C. as a map intern, making maps for National Geographic's Traveler Magazine.

Jolicoeur, a geography major, said the job merges his two interests -- cartography and computers.

"I am really excited", he said. "Throughout my entire life I have always loved maps -- I remember pawing through the atlas when I was little. I also enjoy computers."

Although Jolicoeur's internship will last from August to December, he said he hopes his position with National Geographic develops into something permanent.

Educating Youth in Mississippi

Chris Carson '95 will teach public high school in Mississippi while earning a masters degree in secondary education through a program designed by the state government to combat the dearth of teachers in Mississippi.

In order to attract teachers to Mississippi, the state began a program called the Mississippi Teacher Corps through which public high school teachers are given a starting salary and simultaneously earn a masters degree in secondary education for free, Carson said.

Carson heard of the job his freshman year when it was advertised in The Dartmouth. "It has been on my mind ever since then," he said.

Carson, an environmental biology major, will teach high school biology, chemistry and general science in Yazoo City, a small town located 50 miles north of Jackson, Mississippi.

"I'm looking forward to it, but I am apprehensive about the workload and how effective I will be down there," Carson said. "I'm really excited -- I have a lot of enthusiasm for it right now."

Working in the Forests of Siberia

Eric Waters '95, a Russian major, will travel to Siberia in July where he will work as an assistant forest ranger for a year-and-a-half.

During the summer, he will do trail work around the world's largest freshwater lake in Mongolia, which is located just above the republic of Russia.

Waters said he will most likely teach English during the winter.

"I am very excited," he said. "It will be a fantastic experience especially if I can get through the winter."

Waters will be accompanied by another Dartmouth graduate, Brigg Noyes '95. They will work primarily with Russian natives.

Playing Professional Football

Brian White '95 will make the transition from the Dartmouth Big Green football team straight into the National Football League.

White, a government major, said he is "ecstatic" to be playing defensive back for the New England Patriots next season. "It's a dream come true," he said.

"I think I had a rewarding career here at Dartmouth," White said. "I got to play with a lot of great players."

White, who played both football and lacrosse at the College, will compete for a position in the Patriots' starting lineup.

"I hope to learn all I can and make a run at getting to that number one spot," he said.

White said his experience at the College helped prepare him for playing professional football and for law school, which he plans on attending after his stint in the NFL.

"Coming out of a school like Dartmouth after all of the academic pressures it puts on you really helps prepare you for the real world," he said.

Assisting Battered Women

Amy Barto '95, a biochemistry and molecular biology major, will remain at Dartmouth after graduation working as a summer intern for the Women's Information Service, an internship she received through the College's Koop Institute.

Located in Lebanon, N.H., WISE is an organization which assists battered women.

Barto said she is not anxious to leave Hanover.

"I am not ready to leave just yet," she said. "It will be nice to stay and hang out with the '97s."

Barto said she plans to apply to medical school next year and hopes her internship through the Koop Institute will augment her knowledge of the medical profession.

"I wanted to work at the community level to further understand what the community needs and how doctors are integral in helping all aspects of the community, not just curing sickness," she said.

After medical school, Barto hopes to work overseas with a traveling team of doctors.

"Ultimately, I would like to be on an international team of doctors and go to regions where health care is needed and volunteer there," she said. "I feel it is more fulfilling to satisfy the needs of those who have been ignored by everyone else."

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