Classes of 1925 and 1930 to hold reunions

by Nathaniel Leclery | 6/11/95 5:00am

Along with the 50th class reunion scheduled this weekend, members of the Classes of 1925 and 1930 will also be returning to Hanover to reminisce about their time at the College.

"The Class of 1925 is going to break attendance records this year," Senior Associate Director of Alumni Relations David Orr said.

"They are going to be 60 in total, including 14 classmates, wives and next of kin," Orr said.

The previous record was 45 total attendants, including 12 classmates, according to Orr.

"The main thing is trying to get people to come because of their age," said Carolyn McDonough, who is organizing the Class of 1925 reunion.

"They are all either 90, 91 or 92. They were here before Baker Library not to mention the Hopkins Center existed," McDonough said.

"We have classmates coming from all over the country from Greenwich, Conn. to Oregon," McDonough said.

"What impresses me most is their tremendous enthusiasm to come back to Dartmouth," she said.

Members of the Class of 1925 will be participating in a series of events during Commencement weekend.

"We're doing what other classes do but cut back quite a bit," McDonough said.

"They won't be playing baseball games though," she added.

Events for the Class of 1925 include two dinners at the Hanover Inn, class pictures, a memorial service and attendance at the 1995 Commencement ceremony.

"We're having transportation organized from the Hanover Inn to the stadium along with other preparations needed for older people," McDonough said.

Funding for these events comes from members of the Class of 1925.

"We might break a record in donations for class reunions too," she said.

The Class of 1930 will have a similar schedule, reunion organizer Burton Crandal '30 said.

"We are expecting about 70 people for the reunion which includes graduates and their relatives," Crandal said.

Crandal said the Class of 1930 reunion schedule consists of a class picture, two cocktail parties at the Hanover Inn, a glee club concert, a memorial service and the Commencement ceremony.

Geography Professor George Demko, former director of the Rockefeller Center for the Social Sciences, will speak at Saturday's cocktail party, Crandal said.

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