The Dartmouth names editors, 1st president

by Jason Casell | 11/21/94 6:00am

Justin Steinman '96, a 20-year-old history major from Columbia, Md., has been named the first president of The Dartmouth.

The newly-created president position combines the duties currently performed by the editor in chief and publisher, posts held by Yvonne Chiu '95 and Jonathan Landy '95.

The president will oversee both the news and business divisions of the newspaper.

"The Dartmouth's Board of Proprietors created the new president position in order to provide a better defined chain of command, to increase accountability and to make more efficient the financial management of the corporation," Chiu said.

Steinman, who is studying in London this term, and the incoming Senior Directorate will assume leadership of the nation's oldest college newspaper for one year beginning Jan. 1.

At the annual changeover party Saturday night, The Dartmouth's current editors announced both the new directorate and the structural changes to the editor's position.

The new Directorate is selected each year by the outgoing editors and approved by The Dartmouth Inc., the student-owned corporation that publishes the newspaper.

Scott Anthony '96, a 19-year-old economics major from Bethesda, Md., will replace Steven Hoffman '95 as managing editor, responsible for coordinating the paper's news content.

Stephanie Waddell '97 will become The Dartmouth's business manager and will oversee the business and advertising aspects of the paper.

Christopher Kao '96 will become the new assistant managing editor, responsible for coordinating daily assignments and managing The Dartmouth's staff.

Alexander Edlich '96 will assume the position of associate editor, in charge of the paper's design and layout as well its facilities.

Kao's and Edlich's positions represent a restructuring of the two assistant managing editor positions currently held by Dawn Conner '95 and Kristen King '95.

Laurel Smith '96 will replace Daisy Alpert '95 and Jordy Urstadt '95 as editor of the Weekend Gazette, The Dartmouth's Friday entertainment and features supplement.

Tyler Newby '96 will take over as editor of the comment page from Joe Berger '95.

Aditya Dutt '97 will succeed Susan Zieger '95 as arts and entertainment editor and David Hemmer '96 will succeed Jennifer Wulff '96 as sports editor.

Amanda Amman '96 will replace Paul Hung '95 as world and nation editor.

Chiu said last night she was melancholic about the end of her editorship but enthusiastic for the incoming editors. "They are a very competent group and I'm sure they will continue to provide the Dartmouth community with a quality newspaper."