Look Past Moore's Decision to the Issues

by Holly Sateia | 11/18/94 6:00am

To the Editor:

As the adviser to the Student Assembly, I wanted to write in an attempt to refocus the conversation with regard to Danielle Moore '95's resignation.

Many people have written challenging the rationale behind her decision, and yet the fact that other women leaders have not experienced the same treatment does not invalidate Moore's experience.

It's easy to spend time second guessing her decision . It is harder to take on the challenge she presented and to look critically at the way leaders are supported on this campus.

It saddens me that her situation is not unique. The issues that she has raised were of concern to her predecessor, Nicole Artzer '94, and continue to be voiced by many women on this campus.

I hope that all student organizations, not just the Assembly, will use this as an opportunity to discuss how women and especially women leaders are supported within these organizations.