Poet Gluck reads

by Susan Zieger | 10/25/94 6:00am

Lousie Gluck, a poet highly acclaimed for the spare intensity of her work, enchanted an audience gathered in Rockefeller Center yesterday afternoon with a reading of her poems.

Gluck, who teaches creative writing at Williams College in Williamstown, Mass., read from each of her books, culminating with "The Wild Iris" (1992) which won the Pulitzer Prize for poetry. This collection is a series of dialogues between voices of nature, embodied in flowers, and an entity that one could loosely describe as God.

Gluck's reading was the second in the 12th Annual Poetry and Prose Series sponsored by the English department. The schedule of poets is particularly impressive this year: Mark Strand read in September, and Derek Walcott and Sharon Bryan are expected to read later in the term.

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