Kick up your heels

by The Dartmouth Editorial Board | 9/20/94 5:00am

It's unmistakably fall at Dartmouth when the first tinges of red and orange appear on the tips of leaves, when swarms of first-year-obs dance the "Salty Dog Rag" at high speed in front of Robinson Hall and the lines at Thayer dining hall stretch out the door.

But what is not characteristic of Dartmouth this year is the amazing number of activities the Collis Center, the Freshman Office, the Hopkins Center and the Programming Board planned for incoming students during Orientation Week.

Besides the usual lectures, library tours, placement exams and speeches, the College also offered a comedy show, a dance, a 3-D movie and a night of live entertainment at the Hop. It may look like kiddie stuff to some but really it is a well-received improvement and departure from the past.

It is about time the College kicked up its heels to reflect what it truly has here -- a wide array of outlets and activities as long as one chooses to look for them.

Class of 1998, take a cue from the College. Don't settle for the expected and the dull, but take the opportunity to build something new and better at Dartmouth. Leave your legacy and your mark.