Scholars will study in Germany

by Alexander R. Edlich | 6/12/94 5:00am

Seniors Russell Martin and Marion Shonn will be heading to Germany after graduation on Fulbright scholarships to do research in engineering and biology, respectively.

Martin, an engineering major from Birmingham, Ala. will do research on car engine development in Aachen, Germany while taking classes at the university there.

He said he wants to study the way European management works in an industrial business.

"Their whole system from the ground-level up is a distinctly different way of looking at manufacturing," he said.

He said he has been involved in the subject since the summer of his sophomore year

"I came in touch with professors who have a love and passion for a subject here," he said, reflecting on his time at the College. "It is so much more than an academic experience -- it has opened my eyes to what the world has to offer."

After the year in Germany, he said he is undecided about what he wants to do. He expressed interest in working for a company, joining the United States Navy's nuclear propulsion program or entering a seminary.

Marion Shonn, a Fulbright Scholarship winner from Akron, N.Y, will research cell biology in Rostoch, Germany. She will conduct research for associates of the professor for whom she has been doing work at Dartmouth.

She said she has been examining chicken and squid brains to see "how things move around in brain cells."

Shonn, a Presidential Scholar and bio-chemistry major, said she has deferred her admission into a doctoral program at Princeton University for one one year.

She said she is unsure of the direction she wants to take and added that she will apply to academic programs in epidemiology and public health.

Shonn said her goals are "to speak better German and learn how to do it scientifically."

"If I stay in science, being able to speak scientific German will really help," she said. "I also want to meet people and create ties in that part of the scientific community."

Fulbright scholarships, named for Senator William Fulbright, allow college graduates to spend one year in a foreign country either teaching at the high-school or college level or pursuing graduate studies.

Two other seniors, Sabine Freizer and Dan Schwartz, were awarded James B. Reynolds Scholarships by the College.

Freizer will study in Yugoslavia and Schwartz will study in Germany.

The College awards Reynolds scholarships every year to students pursuing graduate studies in a foreign country.