Sanctions reduced

by Scott Anthony | 6/22/94 5:00am

Dean of Residential Life Mary Turco lessened the sanctions against Beta Theta Pi fraternity after the house appealed some of the penalties against it about three weeks ago.

As a result of its appeal, Beta will have access to "emergency services," Turco said, like a connection to the College's fire service and coverage by Safety and Security.

The College suspended Beta's recognition for one year and handed down 10 other penalties at the end of May. The College's charges stemmed from an alleged hazing incident at Beta on the night of Oct. 26.

The CFS Judicial Council adjudicates alleged Greek house violations. The group determines guilt and recommends penalties to Turco. Beta appealed the penalites because the house thought they were too harsh.

Turco said she and CFS Judicial Council chair Kim Schmitt '95 decided to hear Beta's appeal, and the entire council met in early June. At the request of the council, Turco said she did grant some of Beta's requests, but not all of them.

For instance, she said Beta still can not use College billing, where members can charge things like rent to their College accounts.

Beta Summer President Philip Ferrera '96 said the lack of College billing is the biggest obstacle this summer. He said the house will work with the sanctions to make the organization better.

"Obviously we've inherited a lot of responsibility and there's a lot of stuff we have to deal with," Ferrera said. "But we're psyched like everyone else to be on campus and to have a good summer."

Beta's sanctions officially go into effect today. The house is not allowed to have alcohol in the house for two terms.

The house must be in compliance with minimum standards by Jan. 1.

Sophomore members can stay in the house this summer, Turco said.

Turco said the modification of the penalties is intended to help Beta's new officers lead the house out of its troubled times.

ORL is currently looking into an alleged hazing incident at Chi Heorot fraternity Spring term, Turco said. She said she expected the results of the investigation next week.