Error changes next year's SA committe

by Maggie Fritz | 5/17/94 5:00am

Next year's Student Assembly held a special meeting of the general Assembly to correct two errors that rendered the election of a secretary, treasurer and nominations committee invalid.

The special meeting, held Tuesday, elected John Honovich '97 as secretary; Scott Rowekamp '97 as treasurer; and Laura Bennet '96, Brooke Brightly '95, Meredith Epstein '97 and Nina Nho '97 to the nominations committee.

The original election, held the preceding week, elected the same members to identical positions with the exception of Brightly, who replaced Della Bennet '96.

In the original elections, Assembly Vice President-elect Rukmini Sichitiu '95 was given two votes because she was elected both vice president and a general representative by the student body.

But Chair of the Election Advisory Committee Tim Moore later informed Assembly President-elect Danielle Moore '95 that Sichitiu cannot, according to Assembly protocol, have two votes.

Moore said the error was caused by her interpretation of a "vague area" in the constitution.

The Election Advisory Committee is a group of students and administrators who oversee student elections.

The second error resulted from a tie that occurred when the general Assembly voted in members of the nominations committee. The new constitution, adopted by the Assembly Winter term, states that a tie must be decided by the Assembly president. But Danielle Moore had allowed the general Assembly to vote a second time to decide the tie.

The nominations committee approves memberships to the Assembly and recommends students to serve on college committees.

Danielle Moore said she called the special meeting to re-elect members because, she "just wanted everything to be completely legitimate."

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