The Dartmouth names '95 Directorate

by Scott Anthony | 11/12/93 6:00am

Yvonne Chiu '95, a 20-year-old history major from Freeport, N.Y., has been named the next editor in chief of The Dartmouth.

Chiu succeeds David Herszenhorn '94 in the top post of the nation's oldest college newspaper. She will lead the newspaper's Senior Directorate for one year beginning Jan. 1.

The new Directorate is selected each year by the outgoing editors. The Board of Proprietors of The Dartmouth Inc., the student-owned corporation that publishes the newspaper, will vote to approve the 1995 Directorate at a meeting Nov. 20.

The new group of editors will be officially introduced to the staff at the annual Changeover ceremony later that night.

Jon Landy '95, a 20-year-old history major from Potomac, Md., will take over from Anne Jeffers '94 as publisher, the head of the newspaper's business division. He will be responsible for the advertising, circulation and production departments of the paper and will direct financial operations.

Steve Hoffman '95, a 20-year-old government major from Sudbury, Mass., will replace Christopher Johnson '94 as managing editor, responsible for coordinating the paper's news content.

Kristen King '95 will serve as assistant managing editor in charge of personnel and facilities and Dawn Conner '95 will coordinate daily assignments as the assistant managing editor for news. The Executive Editor position currently held by Peter Kochansky '94 has been replaced with the assistant managing editor positions.

Marina Lakhman '95 will edit the Weekend Gazette, The Dartmouth's Friday features and entertainment supplement.

Joe Berger '95 will replace Ken Davis '94 as the editor of The Dartmouth's Comment pages.

Jennifer Sack '95 will succeed Ally Hyun '94 as sports editor and Susan Zieger '95 will succeed Jennifer Skoda '94 as arts and entertainment editor.

"The Dartmouth's 1995 Directorate is a group of talented, first-rate newspaper journalists," Herszenhorn, the outgoing editor in chief said. "I am confident the '95s will consistently produce a top-notch newspaper for the College community."

Chiu is only the seventh woman and the first Asian-American to head the newspaper.

"I want to make my presence felt as little as possible, but make the paper's presence as strong as possible," she said. "When people read The D in the morning I hope they think they are getting truthful, accurate, extensive coverage of the events and issues affecting the College."

Chiu said she hopes to build on a solid foundation left by the outgoing editors and predicted changes in some aspects of the newspaper's design made possible with advancing technology in desktop publishing.

"I think the 1995 Directorate is composed of strong and talented writers," she said. "My expectations for the coming year are very high."

Landy, who is in charge of the business division of the $250,000-a-year corporation, said he is excited to help the editors put out as good a newspaper as possible.

"Like any other corporation, the objective is to be as financially secure and prosperous as possible," he said. "And in an organization such as a newspaper, the role of the business people is to provide the news staff with the necessary tools to allow them to achieve their goals."

Landy is currently a news editor for The Dartmouth. "I think I have a strong understanding of the goals of the news side and of the logistics of working to achieve those goals."

Hoffman, who is studying in Budapest this term, said, "I look forward to serving the Dartmouth community and coordinating and providing the comprehensive news coverage everyone has come to expect. People can expect great things from The Dartmouth in the next year."

Of the nine incoming Directorate members, three -- Chiu, Lakhman and Sack -- spent off-terms working at The New York Times.

King worked at The Village Voice in New York and Landy for the Cable News Network in Washington, D.C.

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