Dartmouth Travel will not pull ads from Spare Rib

by Jerry Mitchell | 11/24/93 6:00am

To the Editor:

Dartmouth Travel did not agree to withdraw its ads from Spare Rib, nor did I meet with Bill Hall. I told Matthew Berry that I would not be blackmailed one way or the other regarding advertising. Personally, I found half of the issue tasteless and pornographic. However, our advertising and support of this and other publications on campus is not predicated on content. If so, articles in The Dartmouth and The Beacon might cause us to advertise somewhere else.

Some of our good clients have told us they were also offended by the contents of this issue of Spare Rib. Others have said they would be disappointed if we did not continue to support the publication.

We now know that the student body is reading Spare Rib. We shall advertise accordingly. Jerry Mitchell Co-Owner, Dartmouth Travel

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