Greeks survey campus on system's future

by Emily Perkins | 5/4/93 10:00pm

A random group of students from each class received a survey in their Hinman Boxes last month asking about the future of the College's Greek system.

The results of the survey, which was distributed by the Greek honor society the Order of Omega, will be published to inform students of campus opinion about the Greek system, according to Clay Adams, president of the Order of Omega.

Adams said the poll is designed to measure student attitudes on the Greek system in a completely impartial manner. The survey will test students views on the health of the system and is "strictly for the well-being of the campus," Adams said.

The Order of Omega planned to have results just one week after the poll was sent out. But at last count, only 25 percent of the surveys have been returned.

Although the Order of Omega is comprised entirely of members of the Greek system, the group has not taken a stand on the future of Greek houses, Adams said. He said the group is "completely impartial as to maintaining or changing the system."

The Order of Omega is a national organization that came to the College last year. Approximately three percent of Greek system members are in the society, but not more than four members from each house, Adams said.

The goal of the Order of Omega, Adams said, is to raise awareness of campus issues. Members are selected through service to their houses, to the Greek system and to the community.

The survey, which was distributed with the assistance of College pollster Christopher Strenta, was sent to 50 men and 50 women from each class who were selected randomly by computer.

Order of Omega members are currently calling students who received the survey to follow up, hoping to achieve a high response rate.