Torrese Ouellette



TTLG: An Anchor of Conscience

Dartmouth and I had a toxic relationship. From matriculation in 2008 to academic separation in 2015, it lasted for more than six years. I now realize that if I had drowned myself in the fall of 2014 as I had attempted, I would have been ultimately responsible for the decision — but Dartmouth, nonetheless, would have been the catalyst.

Ouellette: Challenging the System

I believe Sean Schultz when he says he does not knowingly objectify women ("A Brother's Perspective," Feb 7). I also believe that the majority of fraternity members do not engage in acts that deliberately harm and humiliate other students.

Ouellette: A Tactic of Deception

Following the publication of Andrew Lohse's recent column ("Telling the Truth," Jan. 25), many critics decided not to focus on his actual arguments or experiences but instead chose to rehash the mistakes he made in his past or attribute the abuse he claimed to suffer in the Greek system to his own weakness of conviction.

Ouellette: Intolerance at Dartmouth

One night, my girlfriend and I were taking an evening jog. When we stopped to take a break in front of the Rockefeller Center, a group of male students walked by.