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Tiger seeks Grand Slam glory on unfamiliar course

This weekend, all eyes will be on the British Open at Muirfield, Scotland as Tiger Woods attempts to do something that Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus never did: win the first three major golf tournaments in one year and take one step closer to that seemingly unattainable Grand Slam of golf. With his rain-soaked victory at Bethpage Black last month and 8th major championship of his career, Tiger spent another major weekend nonchalantly playing his usual round of golf while his competitors scrambled to catch up and ultimately failed. Watching the last round of a major led by Tiger through three is about as entertaining as Sergio Garcia's pre-shot routine; most viewers spent more time looking for glimpses of Tiger's Swedish bikini-model girlfriend and Sergio's Swiss Miss, Martina Hingis, rather than the actual golf itself. To understand this rare situation, one must put the Grand Slam in perspective.

Golf places 3rd at Mt. Holyoke

Shannon Rogers '04 continued her steady play from last week to pace the Dartmouth women's golf team to a 3rd place finish at the Mount Holyoke Invitational at South Hadley, MA, which took place this past weekend.

Young Blood

Much has been said about the decline of the NBA and of professional basketball in general. Steep prices, diminishing talent due to expansion and the "bad-boy" behavior of many professional basketball players have all contributed to this accepted view of pro b-ball as a wayward animal.

Iverson wins NBA MVP award

In a landslide vote that would have surprised many fans and writers back at the beginning of the season, Allen Iverson of the Philadelphia 76ers was elected the NBA MVP award yesterday with a total of 1,121 points in the voting. Iverson was honored by the league due to his monumental part in leading the 76ers to the best record in the Eastern Conference and to the playoffs, where they are currently battling Vince Carter's Toronto Raptors in a hotly contested series of young talent in the NBA. Iverson beat out San Antonio's Tim Duncan, who finished second with 706 points, and the Los Angeles Lakers' Shaquille O'Neal, who finished with 578 points (O'Neal won the MVP award last year). While Iverson almost single-handedly led the 76ers to where they are now in the playoffs, Duncan and O'Neal were both supported and helped by another huge star, David Robinson and Kobe Bryant, respectively. In particular Bryant has recently turned it up down the stretch, taking some pressure off of O'Neal's shoulders. Iverson is the smallest player ever to win the MVP award, at 6 feet and 165 pounds.

Change for the Better?

In the past five years, Major League Baseball has altered different parts of the game in an attempt to increase its appeal and to increase its revenue.

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