Phil Aubart


Taking Responsibility

One of the most common complaints here in our quaint little college town is the oppression of students by Hanover police and even Safety and Security in enforcing the alcohol policies of the state of New Hampshire and those of the College.

Losing Experiences

Two weeks since the election, I can only say that my run for Student Assembly vice president was an experience.

Dear Dr. Kim

Now that the 17th President of our fine institution has been selected and introduced to the community, we need to take advantage of the great opportunity for change accompanies this occasion.

Rankings Ruckus

On Tuesday, we heard much wailing and gnashing of teeth regarding rankings and Dartmouth's place in them.

A Master Misinterpretation

Surely by now everyone on campus has either heard of or taken part in the recent spat about the Masters tournament.

Black Holes in Dallas

Of course, I am not politically correct. This is not to say that I don't understand political correctness, or that I don't think it has some place in civilized society, but I am against the way it has been obnoxiously spread and applied to everything nowadays. I completely agree that things such as racial slurs and epithets have no constructive use in society.

Reputation Turnover

Finally, we -- the Class of 2010 -- have come to a point of no return. Our youth is gone, our goals set and corporate recruiting has gotten away with it.

What Now?

Many alumni and other supporters of the Parity Slate of candidates in the completed Association of Alumni elections must ask themselves what to do now.

$540 A Pop

Dartmouth Dining Services has a pricing system that surely shocks us all. Although we have become rather apathetic about the exorbitant costs involved with eating at Dartmouth, the concept that our Declining Balance Accounts are not filled with real money cannot completely desensitize us to the costs of eating here.

One Simple Question

Having been accused by multiple people of not writing my own columns, I feel the need to begin this piece with a caveat.