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Jay-Z represents with latest release, 'In My Lifetime, Vol. I': R&B superstar quartet Blackstreet, ubiquitious rapper Puff Daddy, collaborate with artist on debut album

For the last two years Brooklynite Jay-Z, also know as Jigga, has stepped into the forefront by placing his hypnotically soothing hip-hop inflection over high-bass tracks. Jay-Z stands out as the chief act on Roc-A-Fella Records, which is made clear by the great success he has already achieved due to his outstanding debut album "Reasonable Doubt." This young rapper realized an abrupt arrival onto the rap scene with largely popular songs like "Dead Presidents II" and "Friend or Foe" as well as triumphant collaborations with the queen of hip-hop soul Mary J.

LL Cool J's latest is un-phenomenal

For over a decade, LL Cool J has dominated the rap scene with his candid lyrics and infectious beats that reverberated throughout inner city jeeps across the nation.