Jean Luo



An open letter to my 14-year-old sister

Dear Cherie, You've only entered high school this year, so throughout my four years at Dartmouth, you've always been a bit too young for me to be 100 percent honest with you about College with a capital C.


A Day in the Life of a Tuckie

As a freshman nearly four years ago, I used to walk past Tuck business school every day while leaving my dorm in the River cluster, and I can state with 99.9 percent confidence plus all of the benefit of hindsight that I never saw a single Tuck student in my entire year of walking past their campus.


The DM Manual of Style

Seeing as we are now eight weeks into Winter term, you've probably noticed the round of illness plaguing the men and women of Dartmouth.


Creating the Perfect Bedroom

Finally! The hundreds of hours I spent watching "Design at Nine" and "Trading Spaces" are justified in the form of a column in the Mirror.

Ian Tapu '08 is involved with too many campus organizations to name.


Spotlight: Ian Tapu '08

Grey Cusack / The Dartmouth Staff Ian Tapu '08 was selected to lead his class at Commencement as one of eight 2008 class marshals.


Spotlight: Ian McKay '11

Courtesy of Ian McKay A nationally ranked runner in fifth grade, a competitive skier in high school, a construction worker in Antarctica: Ian McKay '11 is as extreme as the locations he's visited.


Spotlight: Adam Levine '08

Author of three senior theses, Rhodes Scholar and steady boyfriend of five years, Adam Levine '08 is someone who knows what it takes to make a pipe dream come true. Do you really like being a triple major and writing three theses? I'm more a triple major because I wanted to write three theses than I am writing three theses because I'm a triple major.


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