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'Igniting Imagination:' Q&A with Aisha Tyler '92

Catherine Treyz / The Dartmouth Senior Staff *Editor's Note: This week, five members of The Dartmouth Arts and Entertainment Staff sat down with the featured guests in this Friday's "Igniting Imagination," who will be returning to campus to celebrate the Hopkins Center's 50th Anniversary.


‘Undue Influence' returns with revisions that address sexual assault

Yomalis Rosario / The Dartmouth Staff The Dartmouth Dance Theater Ensemble brought last May's production of "Undue Influence" a theatrical commentary on the pervasive issue of sexual assault at Dartmouth back to the stage this past week with five performances, showcasing the production's revisions and new cast members.


Celebrated poets demonstrate power of the spoken word

On Friday night, Dartmouth students and fans filled One Wheelock to maximum capacity to see "Spoken Words," a free event featuring well-known poets Anis Mojgani, Sarah Kay, Phil Kaye and Dartmouth's own Aimee Le '12. Beginning with performances by the Soul Scribes and concluding with a "Talk Back" question and answer session, "Spoken Words" was an intimate show, illuminating both the power and worth of words and poetry.


Sleigh Bells finds success in ‘Treats'

Sleigh Bells, the Brooklyn duo comprised of musician and producer Derek Miller and singer-songwriter Alexis Krauss, hits hard yet again in their new album "Reign of Terror," which was released on Feb.

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