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Bryant: A Good New England Farm Bill

(10/06/23 8:05am)

Two weeks ago, I wrote about the 2023 farm bill, which stands to be reauthorized by Congress this fall. The bill, I argued, amounts to unnecessary corporate welfare for large industrial farms who do not need the assistance. Legislators should therefore implement sensible payment caps for farm bill programs to prevent needless and unfair spending. In this article, I want to situate the farm bill within our local New England agricultural context, and in doing so, add more detail to the arguments from my previous piece. Though New England-local agriculture is smaller and less productive than its counterparts in the middle of the country, it offers non-economic benefits to the community it serves that should be supported by the farm bill.

Verbum Ultimum: Race to a Thesis Advisor

(10/06/23 8:10am)

The senior thesis is, for many students, the culmination of their academic pursuits. Writing a thesis can be an invaluable experience and learning tool, providing students with the opportunity to engage in high-level research, collaborate closely with an academic in their field of interest and publish their own original research. Several members of this Editorial Board are currently pursuing theses. However, we have observed serious obstacles to finding an advisor willing to oversee a thesis. This can be discouraging, if not insurmountable, for students who are seeking to write one. The opportunity to write a thesis should be available to any student who has proven their capability and academic interest, and we believe that departments have the obligation to ensure that no student is denied the opportunity to pursue this academic endeavor. In order to accomplish this, we suggest that thesis directors for each department implement a matching process to pair thesis writers with appropriate mentors. This would ensure that no student who has the potential to write a thesis is denied the opportunity. 

2023 Clery Report shows decrease in rape and alcohol violations, increase in motor vehicle theft since 2020

(10/06/23 9:05am)

On Sept. 29, the Department of Safety and Security released its annual Security and Fire Safety Report, also known as the Clery Report, which detailed a decrease in rape and violations of the College’s alcohol policy, but an increase in motor vehicle theft in the last three years. According to Clery compliance officer Grace Alden, it is important to note that the data looks a bit different this year because 2020 — which saw lower numbers generally because of the COVID-19 pandemic — is the first year represented in the Report’s three-year snapshot. 

Behind Big Green Club Sports, from Try-Outs to Community

(10/06/23 5:10am)

Last month, club sports teams held tryouts in search of new players, primarily from the Class of 2027, though all students were welcome. The process began on Sept. 10 at the Student Involvement Fair, where teams set up tables to advertise and introduce themselves to potential new players. In the weeks following the fair, club sports captains sent out emails featuring eye-catching GIFs and brightly colored text as well as important information to attract interested athletes to tryouts. 

Students awarded Obama-Chesky Voyager scholarship for public service

(10/06/23 9:00am)

On Aug. 22, Kenny Mok ’25 and Onyinyechi Owo ’25 were awarded the Obama-Chesky Voyager Scholarship for public service along with 98 other undergraduate students from across the country. The Voyager Scholarship, founded in 2022 by the Obama Foundation and Airbnb founder Brian Chesky, recognizes undergraduate sophomores “who can bridge divides” and help solve the world’s “biggest challenges,” according to the Voyager Scholarship’s website. Mok and Owo are the first Dartmouth students to ever win the award. 

500 community members participate in Walk to End Alzheimer’s

(10/05/23 9:10am)

On Sept. 30, more than 500 community members participated in the Upper Valley’s Walk to End Alzheimer’s, according to event co-chair Kathy Harvard. Sponsored by local businesses and participants, the roughly two-mile walk raised awareness and fundraised for the Alzheimer’s Association. As one of the 620 Alzheimer’s awareness walks that occur across the United States annually, the local walk raised $139,000 out of a $147,000 goal, Harvard added.

Millman: Student Government is Working. It’s Time To Get Involved

(10/05/23 8:05am)

Around the country and the world, democratic institutions are decaying at an alarming rate. There is a fundamental lack of faith in political institutions of all kinds, and, looking around, it is easy to buy into that apathy. Many just believe that change is impossible through these systems. I felt the same when I first got to Dartmouth, and I imagine there are a good amount of first-years who do too. That all of this “student advocacy” is simply performative — something you slap on a resume and then call it a day. 

Self-help author Marianne Williamson discusses presidential bid with Rockefeller Center, Dartmouth Political Union

(10/05/23 9:05am)

On Oct. 3, the Rockefeller Center for Public Policy and the Dartmouth Political Union co-hosted a conversation with Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson as part of the “Path to the Presidency” discussion series. Public programs officer Joanne Blais estimated that over 100 people watched the event in-person and on Zoom.

Student Government Senate meeting discusses housing, Wellness Days and Wi-Fi expansion

(10/05/23 9:15am)

On Oct. 1, the Dartmouth Student Government Senate met for its third weekly meeting of the fall term. Led by student body president Jessica Chiriboga ’24, the Senate discussed updates in campus technology, housing construction projects and new teletherapy rooms on campus.