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Constitution creates major alum governance changes

(09/20/06 9:00am)

Editor's note: As part of The Dartmouth's ongoing coverage of the proposed Association of Alumni constitution, this article examines the major changes to alumni governance that will take place if the proposal passes and the key arguments of its most vocal advocates and opponents. Voting on the proposed constitution opened last Friday and will continue until Oct. 31.

Trustees turn down requests for participation

(09/20/06 9:00am)

This high-profile move comes after J.B. Daukas, an architect of the proposed constitution, twice sought the input of the three trustees in the months between the release of the final draft of the proposed constitution and the deadline after which the proposal could not be changed. None of the three -- all of whom have vehemently opposed the proposal -- took Daukas up on his offer.

Folt ends first term as permanent dean

(05/30/06 9:00am)

Carol Folt's first term as permanent dean of the faculty is coming to a close, and many of the same initiatives she set out to accomplish two years ago when Folt assumed the position as interim dean are still underway. Since Folt became interim dean, her priorities as dean have included alleviating class and departmental overcrowding, improving faculty compensation and furthering Dartmouth's status as an elite liberal arts institution.Folt said that her appointment as permanent dean did not change her agenda since she had approached the interim deanship by focusing on the College's future without being influenced by her uncertain future. Indeed many of her goals, especially with regards to faculty hiring and compensation, would have continued had she not been named permanent dean and will now continue under her leadership.

DOC Trips accept many from specific groups

(04/28/06 9:00am)

When Annie Son '08 applied to lead a Dartmouth Outing Club freshman trip this year, she was hoping that she would not be rejected for the second year in a row. The alcohol and eating disorder peer advisor, Undergraduate Advisor, diversity peer program and Peer Academic Link member and member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority applied to lead either a hiking, kayaking, canoeing or nature photography trip. She also applied to be on either the Hanover or Lodj Croos for Trips and had applied for the same trips and Croos the previous year. To her dismay, Son, who has fairly extensive hiking and kayaking experience, fell short again.

McKinsey report calls for more transparency

(04/27/06 9:00am)

The management consulting firm McKinsey and Co., hired in the fall by Dartmouth to assess and help improve the effectiveness of the College administration, released the executive summary of their final report Wednesday. In the report, they recommended that, among other things, the administration strive to improve the transparency of its goals, consolidate some administrative offices and make budgeting for administrative services consistent with College goals. The report also said that the College needs to hold departments and individuals more accountable for performance.

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