Police Blotter: Best of 2005-06

by Compiled by Dan Duray and Phil Salinger, courtesy | 5/31/06 5:00am

Aug. 22, 2005, Boathouse Road, 4:12 p.m.

Dartmouth Safety and Security reported to Hanover Police that a man had repeatedly feigned drowning to entice lifeguards, usually female Dartmouth students, to swim out to him and discover that he was not wearing any clothing. After detaining 28-year-old Luis Hurtado of Miami, Fla., Hanover Police learned that Hurtado had overstayed his welcome in the United States and turned him in to Border Patrol.

Oct. 30, 2005, North Main Street, 1:57 a.m.

Hanover Police observed a college-aged male riding a female's child-sized purple mountain bike down the sidewalk. Officers asked the 21-year-old whose bike he was riding and the subject claimed that it was his. Upon inspection of the bike, the officers did not find a serial number or any stickers on the bike and determined that they could not dispute the rider's claim that he was the rightful owner.

Nov. 21, 2005, North Main Street, 2:49 a.m.

Safety and Security asked Hanover Police for assistance with an intoxicated, naked male in the Novack Cafe bathroom. The 23-year-old man had refused to identify himself to Safety and Security, but identified himself to the police. The man, a student at the Thayer School of Engineering, explained to police that he had passed out while using the toilet, but did not explain why he had taken his clothes off. His clothes were with him in the stall. Officers turned the graduate student over to a sober roommate.

Feb. 10, East Wheelock Street, 5:52 a.m.

Hanover Police responded to a call from Safety and Security for assistance with an intoxicated female who had passed out in New Hampshire Hall. The 20-year-old had entered the room uninvited, removed her pants and urinated. An ambulance brought her to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center before she was arrested for unlawful possession of alcohol by consumption and intoxication.

March 3, South Main Street, 4:55 p.m.

A strange man aggressively approached two individuals, a man and a woman, who were looking at book displays outside of Left Bank Books. The stranger allegedly pushed the two and then began talking to them about a cookbook. The victims started walking away, but the man followed them and shouted, "Don't f*ck with me," leading one of the victims to call Hanover Police. When officers arrived at the scene, they identified the aggressor as a mentally unbalanced local already known to Hanover Police, but did not arrest him.

April 29, East Wheelock Street, 4:21 a.m.

An employee at the Hanover Inn called Hanover Police to report seeing three males dragging what appeared to be a broken parking meter down the sidewalk and toward the Fayerweather residence halls. A responding officer circled the block, spotting what he believed to be the three individuals, but upon a second loop of the area found that they had disappeared and abandoned the parking meter on the sidewalk.

May 21, Massachusetts Row, 1:08 a.m.

Police responded to a reported fight at Thayer Dining Hall. Upon investigation, the police discovered that two male students had been wrestling over a grilled cheese sandwich. Neither party was intoxicated or arrested.

May 22, East Wheelock Street, 12 p.m.

Police were called to respond to an incident caused by a 37-year-old mentally unstable man who had made strange remarks to several construction workers. The man, who is not affiliated with the College, reportedly told construction workers that if he had gloves like the ones they were wearing, he would be able to shoot people. Officers managed to catch up with the man near Hanover High School and later found out that he was responsible for several other incidents that had occurred earlier in the day, such as standing out in traffic while waving a knife at the passing cars and changing his clothes in the St. Denis Church. It was later determined that the man was also responsible for breaking the glass on three of the framed pictures hanging in the Rockefeller Center.

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