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Embracing Identity

(06/09/18 6:00am)

A writer for The Dartmouth once joked that staffers only know two things about me: that I’m from Hawaiʻi and that I have consistently arrived late to campus each term. While the second point did not always happen by choice — some of my flights back to the east coast really did get delayed, guys — the first bit of information is certainly one that I conscientiously shared with everyone I met at Dartmouth.

Despite rainy weather, Boston Calling 2017 did not disappoint

(05/30/17 5:45am)

Through long lines and rain, we, Kourtney and Madeline, successfully survived our first music festival. Saying we had a blast would be an understatement. Nearly every performer we watched exceeded our expectations by giving audiences a mix of tracks for new and die-hard fans. Despite the rain on Friday and the subsequent muddy patches throughout Harvard University’s Athletic Complex, the artists and attendees — numbering more than 30,000 thanks to the venue’s relocation from Boston’s City Hall Plaza — embraced the weather to enjoy a weekend celebrating music, comedy and art.

Dartmouth hosts Orienteering Championships

(09/26/16 4:00am)

It’s not everyday that most of us find ourselves running through an unfamiliar forest in search of checkpoints. For most, the thought of having to navigate during a race without the use of a phone is a nightmare. Yet it’s precisely this combination of speedy decision-making skills, physical endurance and map interpretation abilities that is essential to orienteering, a navigation race that originated in Scandinavia in the late 19th century.

Dartmouth housing communities go into effect next fall

(08/12/16 2:37am)

As you incoming ’20s will quickly discover, Dartmouth is full of traditions — both outdated and timeless. From first-year trips and matriculation to the climactic Homecoming weekend, your first term will introduce you to a culture defined in part by rituals that define the school year. The upcoming fall term, however, will be especially meaningful because it marks the beginning of a new tradition — the dividing of students into housing communities. You ’20s will be the first class to experience the housing system, which College President Phil Hanlon announced to faculty and students in 2015.

Students discuss summer art courses

(07/28/16 9:00pm)

Looking closely at students leaving the Black Family Visual Arts Center, one can see charcoal smudges or smeared paint on hands. Voices singing melodies or reciting Shakespeare’s iambic pentameter echo through the rehearsal rooms in the Hopkins Center. Photographers scout views on the Green and film students watch movies in the library with headphones in and eyes rapt.

‘The Secret Life of Pets’ (2016), a story of unexpected friendship

(07/14/16 9:59pm)

In his penultimate film review for The Dartmouth, Andrew Kingsley ’16 explored Disney’s “Zootopia” (2016), praising its filmmakers for its clever combination of comedic characters and socially relevant messages. This week, I will return to the world of animation and the film industry’s strange love for anthropomorphizing with Illumination Entertainment’s “The Secret Life of Pets” (2016).

Editors' Note

(06/10/16 11:00pm)

For many graduating seniors, Commencement marks the end of academia and the beginning of something new. The ’16s have finally escaped the clutches of Baker-Berry Library, parted with their favorite flair and spent the last of their DBA in preparation for the very real world outside of our beloved Hanover. They are ready to utilize the skills they’ve acquired at Dartmouth and to learn from new mistakes along the way.

Alumna Q&A: Associate producer Samantha Knowles ’12

(03/31/16 9:01pm)

When Samantha Knowles ’12 began her journey at Dartmouth eight years ago, she had her eye set on majoring in film and media. Not only did she achieve that goal, but she exceeded it, graduating with degrees in psychology and film and media studies. Knowles has transitioned into working in the film industry thanks to her short documentary “Why Do You Have Black Dolls?” (2012), which received the 2012 Reel Sisters Film Festival Spirit Award and the 2013 Women, Action & the Media (WAM!) Film Festival Audience Award. As an associate producer, she has worked on several films including “Meru” (2015) and “Incorruptible” (2015), a film about the 2011 Senegal crisis.

After years in chemistry, Reingold ’71 turns to glassblowing

(05/31/15 10:01pm)

David Reingold ’71 is not a typical glassblowing instructor. A chemistry student at the College, Reingold received his Ph.D. in organic chemistry from the University of Oregon in 1976 and spent two years completing post-doctoral research at the University of Alberta before taking a job as a chemistry professor at Haverford College, where he first encountered scientific glassblowing. Although he continued to teach chemistry for most of his professional career, glassblowing subsequently became a valued hobby for Reingold, and through self-teaching and dedicated experimentation it has grown into his current field.