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Q&A with Religion Professor Timothy Baker

(10/30/19 5:55am)

At Dartmouth, we’re steeped in tradition. Whether it’s through big things like attending First-Year Trips or circling the Homecoming bonfire, or small ones like hearing the bells of Baker Tower play the alma mater every day at 6 p.m., we are constantly reminded that we are part of a larger community as we engage with the many rituals that foster commonality among our diverse experiences. As a community, we are well aware of this; we speak of tradition as one of Dartmouth’s major values, and we tend to refer to our many traditions with affection, excitement and pride. 

Stepping Out of the Silos

(09/18/19 6:00am)

We often think about migrants in the context of the many different identities that they may or may not hold: as parents and as children, as agricultural workers and as Congresswomen, as individuals with rare diseases and as criminals, as threats and as the threatened. But what about sexuality? Even though it is a crucial aspect of one’s identity, sexuality is something that we don’t typically think consider when we attempt to understand migrants and what constitutes their identity. Eng-Beng Lim, professor of women’s, gender and sexuality studies, says that we should. 

Mars Getaway: Q&A with Earth Sciences Professor Marisa Palucis

(05/01/19 6:15am)

Last June, NASA chief scientist Jim Green told USA Today with certainty that humans will be on Mars in the near future. The prospect of starting over on a new planet once we’ve decimated this one is beginning to feel ever-so-slightly less like science fiction than I’m comfortable with. The mere 12 years afforded to the world to stop climate change in its tracks by last year’s UN report can feel a bit like a death sentence. Meanwhile, evidence of historical bodies of water on the now-dry planet of Mars suggests that past life on the planet, at least, is not out of the question.

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