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For the love of the game

(10/31/16 4:06am)

Sports have a long and storied history at the College and to this day make up an enduring component of campus life with around 25 percent of the student population participating in one of the 35 varsity intercollegiate teams. As members of the Ivy League, students have the unique opportunity to compete at the Division I level, while challenging themselves with rigorous academic opportunities off the field. Balancing the dual dimensions of being a student-athlete comes with its fair amount of challenges and rewards; however, not all those who begin their college careers as athletes finish them as athletes. A number of athletes decide to step away from their sports for a multitude of reasons including injuries, divisive team cultures, lack of playing time and general burnout. This week The Dartmouth will look into why some athletes quit their sports and the overarching themes that apply to their decisions.

Big Green to play tough matches over Homecoming weekend

(10/27/16 4:15am)

In addition to freshmen running around the bonfire, this upcoming weekend will present several thrilling athletic matchups that show off Dartmouth’s intense Ivy League rivalries. Beyond celebrating alumni returning to campus, Homecoming is also a time to showcase Big Green pride, both new and ageless, across the College’s many athletic disciplines. Here are some of the games to attend this weekend and the histories behind the matchups.

NARP Meets World: Lesson #2 - Forming an Identity

(10/27/16 4:15am)

It has been almost three weeks since the release of the best thing ever to happen to Dartmouth College after the opening of Hanover’s third consecutive Thai restaurant: NARP Meets World. Each week, I effortlessly tap into my inflated ego and weave together a string of absurd self-assertions about my prowess. The best part about this is that even though nothing about my character lends a shred of evidence for such proclamations, you guys love it. In this fast-paced, 10-week hellhole we call home, the only consistency is my column. With each article, you seek refuge from the toxic academic environment of the Lone Pine through NARP Meets World, living vicariously through the grandiose tales I reliably produce on a weekly basis. But it’s time to wake up. NARP Meets World is nothing more than Gatsby’s green light beyond the docks, a nebulous fantasy of social mobility I mercilessly constructed out of nothingness to provide you all with a few moments of ignorant bliss. Nothing about this column is real. I just wish I could say this is as bad as it gets.

Hot Takes with Max Zhuang '19

(10/24/16 4:00am)

Entering week seven already, I cannot think of a single person on this campus who has not taken an L this term. Stand tall, fellow Dartmouth sports fans. Stay resilient. And come back stronger to crush the end of the term; whether you’re playing intramural football or just trying to stay afloat in microeconomics, there are only 30 more days left in the term to do better. In the spirit of Lil Uzi Vert, when you “get knocked down, act like you never lost, come back and win like you Ronda Rousey, like you Ronda Rousey… Like you Ronda Rousey.” Therefore, I declare this week the week of resilience. With Homecoming this weekend, the school needs to collectively get all its work done in order to both finish the term strong and have fun during the weekend. Furthermore, I will be giving out “Ronda Rousey awards” to the best moments in sports this week that truly embody the spirit of resilience, picking yourself back up and fighting like you’re Ronda Rousey.

Soccer standout Stefan Cleveland ’16 finds success in Louisville

(10/21/16 4:15am)

Former Big Green goalkeeper Stefan Cleveland ’16 knows quite a bit about winning. The 6-foot 1-inch Dayton, Ohio native has had the perfect college career. After riding the pine behind the incumbent Noah Cohen ’14 his freshman year, Cleveland has made a name for himself on the pitch as a premier goalkeeper both during his time at the College and now at the University of Louisville.

The history of sports and traditions at Dartmouth

(10/17/16 4:05am)

With 35 varsity sports, 33 club sports and 24 intramural sports and more than 75 percent of undergraduates participating, it is safe to say that a love for athletics runs deep at the College. However, not many people know the evolution of Dartmouth’s varsity athletics program, beginning in 1769. This week, The Dartmouth explores the history of sports at the College through an overview of landmark events, traditions and obscure sports.

Hot Takes: Sophomore Stars

(10/17/16 4:01am)

Sophomore year, year two or just a second chance; I have a theory that things only get better when you’re still kind of new to it, but not too new. Whether it’s a rookie baseball player who at first failed to meet tremendous expectations forced to toil in the minors for a year, recalled back up again to help carry his team to the National League Championship Series or a Dartmouth student who needs his freshman year to figure out the wild game and phenomenon of “pong,” 2016 has been the year for just getting adjusted to shine.

Just a Bit Outside: 27 Outs

(10/17/16 4:02am)

Baseball fans love to bring up the lack of a clock in baseball. No matter what happens in the first inning, you have to record all 27 outs to win the game. The difference between this and say, a 60-minute football game, is subtler than it might seem. In football, a big hit might set a tone that carries a team through all four quarters. An early lead of just two touchdowns may quickly seem insurmountable for the opposing side. No matter how much time is on the clock, momentum is always critical in sports with time limits. One takeaway can completely shift the complexion of a game, and that shift can last for the game’s duration.

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