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Thayer researchers develop method of detecting lies

(11/12/19 7:05am)

Researchers at the Thayer School of Engineering have developed a new framework for detecting deception. In an article recently published in the Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Artificial Intelligence, co-authors Deqing Li, a former Thayer Ph.D. student, and engineering professor Eugene Santos Jr. proposed a model which uses patterns of reasoning to better capture speaker intent. 

Senior society tapping dates set, unrecognized groups pose issues

(11/05/19 7:05am)

Each year during the winter and spring terms, some members of the junior class are tapped by Dartmouth’s senior societies — groups that nearly all remain secret until most members reveal themselves at graduation. Tapping dates have been set for Feb. 11 to Feb. 15 for the winter term and April 7 to 11 in the spring, according to Office of Greek Life director Brian Joyce. However, the tapping dates set by the Office of Greek Life can be complicated by the operations of unrecognized senior societies at the College. 

DDS and Student Assembly introduce new food security efforts

(11/01/19 6:10am)

As fall term winds down and interim approaches, many students face an issue beyond finals and winter break plans: food insecurity. Despite efforts to address the issue, the lack of affordable dining options in the local area, especially during breaks, often leaves a number of students scrambling for alternatives. However, Dartmouth Dining Services and Student Assembly are working to resolve at least part of this issue. 

Q&A with Paul DePodesta, featured in Michael Lewis' "Moneyball"

(11/01/19 6:00am)

On Friday, Cleveland Browns chief strategy officer Paul DePodesta visited Dartmouth to speak to College President Phil Hanlon and government and quantitative social sciences professor Michael Herron’s class, QSS 30.01, “Sports Analytics,” and the sports analytics club. DePodesta gained notoriety after the publication of Michael Lewis’ best-selling book, “Moneyball,” which was later adapted into a popular motion picture. “Moneyball” details how Oakland Athletics general manager Billy Beane and DePodesta, portrayed by Jonah Hill in the movie, used sports analytics to propel the team to a record-breaking winning streak and the 2002 American League Championship Series. DePodesta spoke with The Dartmouth about “Moneyball” and analytics.

Prominent litigator talks 9/11 lawsuit at Dickey Center event

(10/31/19 6:00am)

On Monday, James Kreindler ’77, a prominent New York attorney, returned to campus to give a talk in partnership with the Dickey Center for International Understanding. The talk, delivered in the Kreindler Conference Center — named after Kreindler’s father — to over 100 students and community members, was titled, “Saudi Arabia’s Role in 9/11 and Why the U.S. Government has Kept it Hidden,” in which Kreindler charged that the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks could never have occurred without the support of the Saudi government and that high-level U.S. officials engaged in a cover-up after the fact. 

Greek house blacklists operate under secretive, informal rules

(10/31/19 6:10am)

Greek house blacklists are designed to ban certain people from entering a Greek house, often for reasons including alleged sexual assault or any factor which makes members unsafe. However, there are no universal rules or policies governing blacklists — most policies are decided on a house-by-house basis. Title IX coordinator Kristi Clemens said she supports the creation of a universal blacklist policy in the Greek system, but she acknowledged that the goal would be difficult to achieve.

Fellowships offer students professional experiences — for a fee

(10/29/19 6:05am)

The desire to have a marketable set of professional skills has driven students to pursue different types of off-term opportunities, including both paid and unpaid internships. However, increased demand for job opportunities has led to the creation of fellowships that charge students thousands of dollars for professional opportunities. 

With AG investigation ongoing, judge in PBS lawsuit raises concerns over settlement

(10/25/19 6:15am)

A criminal investigation that began nearly two years ago into the alleged sexual misconduct of three former psychological and brain sciences professors is still ongoing, according to the office of New Hampshire Attorney General Gordon MacDonald ’83. Meanwhile, a federal judge recently expressed concerns about the proposed settlement of a lawsuit brought by several former students against the College charging that Dartmouth failed for several years to act on allegations of misconduct against the former professors.

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