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Do Numbers Speak Louder than Words? Students weigh in on Dartmouth’s National College Ranking

(05/10/23 6:05am)

In the most recent annual U.S. News & World Report university rankings, Columbia dropped from the number two spot to 18 after they admitted to submitting inaccurate data to U.S. News that was used to place their ranking. Following this news, many Dartmouth students posted on Fizz, an anonymous online social media forum, making fun of Columbia’s drop while also semi-sarcastically celebrating Dartmouth’s higher rank than Columbia, as Dartmouth holds the number 12 spot. 

Editors’ Note

(05/03/23 6:00am)

Week 6 has arrived. A rainy week reaffirmed the muddy misery that April in New Hampshire can bring, but hopefully we will be treated to the promised May flowers. Seniors, I hope you are celebrating the end of your time at Dartmouth while also overcoming the possible existential dread that your last term at Dartmouth may bring. The rest of you, I hope you are still trying to find a way to complete your work while every ’23 you know seems to be doing anything but working. 

The Collis Special and Its Devoted Community

(05/03/23 6:20am)

On Monday through Friday, Collis Cafe prepares a variety of lunch options, but none seem to be more popular than the Collis Lunch Special. The Special — which changes every day but follows a loose weekly pattern — even has its own dedicated GroupMe chat titled “Collis Special @NOW.” The chat has more than 1,400 members, all eager to hear the day’s Special option. 

Reflection: The Things We Carry, Part 2

(05/03/23 6:25am)

Currently, there is a pair of Nike Blazer high-tops sitting upstairs on the bottom of my shoe rack, covered in on-night grime. Somehow, even after all this time, there are still no holes in them. One of the laces is nicked from the time I had to cut the feet off my onesie on bid night because they wouldn’t fit over my shoes. The soles are just intact enough to be worn in the rain — and to stop the warm keystone from seeping in when I step in the occasional basement puddle.

Onstage in The Woods: Student-Led Theater Groups at Dartmouth

(05/03/23 6:10am)

In a tight-knit community like Dartmouth, student-led theater groups can explore powerful thematic narratives that embody student interests. Using theater as their medium, student performers instigate change and awareness among the student body. Two student groups on campus, the Displaced Theatre Company and the Dartmouth Rude Mechanicals, put on termly productions portraying stories that the campus community might otherwise not see.  

Q&A with ‘Black Canvas: A Campus Haunting’ Author Matt Richardson ’91

(05/03/23 6:05am)

Matt Richardson ’91 is an associate professor of feminist studies and an affiliate faculty member in Black Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. This past week, he visited campus to meet with various student groups and discuss his new novel “Black Canvas: A Campus Haunting.” The novel follows the story of a Black, nonbinary student as they navigate Dartmouth’s campus in the 1980s and confront the dark secrets of the College’s history. Richardson sat down with The Dartmouth to discuss his book, his own time at Dartmouth and the book’s resonant message.

It Takes a Village

(04/26/23 6:25am)

Last fall, a few days before Halloween, I stumbled upon an unusual scene unfolding on Webster Avenue, better known as “Frat Row.” All of the Greek houses had sprinkled their front lawns with candy and games as a trick-or-treating activity for local children. I was told that this was an event for DREAM (Directing through Recreation, Education, Adventure and Mentoring), a nonprofit mentorship program for local low-income kids. As I stood next to my friends on the Chi Gam lawn, I watched two kids dressed as a Roman emperor and a shark, respectively, run up to grab handfuls of candy. They then started dueling with their fake swords. 

Taking the Hypotenuse: Desire Paths on Campus

(04/26/23 6:10am)

Have you ever ventured off the sidewalk onto a dirt path to save time? If so, you probably took a “desire path.” If you’ve never heard of a desire path, you’re not alone. A desire path is an unplanned trail created by repeated foot traffic over the same route. Generally, walkers take these paths because they are quicker than the prescribed route, thus making it more “desirable.” To investigate their prominence on campus, I asked students about their thoughts on these trails at Dartmouth — and compiled a guide of Dartmouth’s best and most popular desire paths.

Spotlight on Dartmouth Ski Patrol: Winters at the ’Way

(04/26/23 6:15am)

Formed more than sixty years ago by the College, the Dartmouth Ski Patrol is a community organization for students interested in ensuring the safety of those on the Dartmouth Skiway. Every winter, these students, who are trained in various forms of emergency medicine, each patrol the mountain for about 10 hours a week, according to patroller Kiki Levy ’24. For many Dartmouth students, joining Ski Patrol (SkiPa) is the natural next step of years spent skiing at home. 

Seniors in the Studio

(04/26/23 6:05am)

As seniors inch closer to graduation, spring term is undoubtedly a time of relaxation and nostalgia, with a healthy dose of partying sprinkled on top. However, not all seniors can give into the mayhem that is their last spring in the woods. In fact, the sixteen seniors who are majoring in studio art are amid a critical stage of their Dartmouth experience, as they gear up for their culminating project — the studio art department Senior Majors Exhibition.

Editors' Note

(04/19/23 6:00am)

Just when we all thought the sun was here to stay, this week got off to a gray and gloomy start. This past weekend let us have a brief taste of summer –– between river dips under fierce bouts of sun to running hurriedly inside to escape cool April showers, visions of summer are beginning to seem closer. If only the summer preview had lasted a bit longer, but alas, Hanover continues to  jolt between hot and cold, reminding us that springtime here is nothing short of unpredictable. 

Photo Essay: Beauty in the Mundane

(04/19/23 6:10am)

As the weather warms, students are quick to take advantage of the pleasures this time of year brings. While students often remember springs at Dartmouth for swims in the river, the shedding of layers and the celebration of Green Key, it’s the day to day comforts that make it the most meaningful. Like hearing a song you love that you didn’t realize you had forgotten, spring is filled with mundane rediscoveries that remind you just how lucky you are to call this town home. To explore the unique nuances of various locations around campus, I took a longer walk around Hanover, beginning from behind Baker-Baker, to the Green, to Occum Pond and finally to Pine Park. Throughout the journey, I documented what I saw. 

New Hampshire Marijuana Bill Advances, Prompting Discussions About Marijuana At Dartmouth

(04/19/23 6:20am)

On Feb. 22, New Hampshire House of Representatives advanced a cannabis legalization bill to its Ways and Means Committee. Although the bill still needs to clear the Senate, this recent action marks a crucial step in potential legalization. In a state where seatbelts are optional for adults and people scream “Live Free or Die” from the rooftops, the state government will now decide whether residents can use marijuana legally. One day before April 20, the informal holiday that celebrates all things marijuana-related, The Dartmouth explores the plausibility of legalized usage on campus.