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Just Passing Through!

(07/16/21 7:10am)

With the White Mountains as a backyard, Dartmouth has always provided a temporary home to through hikers, whether they’re just hiking in the area or trekking the entire Appalachian Trail. If your curiosity has ever been piqued by someone in town with a frame pack more than half their size, chances are, you’ve caught a through hiker.

What’s Behind Your Rainbow Logo?

(07/02/21 7:05am)

Growing up in New York City meant that Pride was an expected celebration in June. I remember walking my six-year-old sister to the playground, her eyes level with all sorts of skirts and tutus as New Yorkers packed the streets to celebrate. Parade floats, cheering, and bars and restaurants seeming to pour people out onto the streets — all these sights characterize the weekend surrounding the celebration of Pride Month. The Pride March originated in New York in 1970, the year after the Stonewall riots. The June 1969 riots were a series of spontaneous demonstrations by members of the gay community in response to police raids and arrests that had been threatening queer spaces.

Who Writes These Emails, Anyway?

(07/02/21 7:00am)

“I’m waking up every morning thinking about how we can tell the story of Dartmouth,” vice president for Communications Justin Anderson said. Along with the rest of the Office of Communications, Anderson helps to facilitate administration messages to the Dartmouth community — from campus-wide emails to the “Community Conversations” livestream. This year more than ever, campus life has been shaped by College communications dispensing information about COVID-19 regulations, quarantine restrictions and more. I spoke to Anderson to explore how the College disseminates essential information to the community, step by step. 

TTLG: To Be Thankful and Move On

(06/02/21 6:10am)

I wake up to pitch darkness with a slight headache. My fingers gingerly feel around the bedside table until they land on that oh-so-familiar silicone phone case. 12 p.m. Looks like I’ve missed my Zoom class, but I’ll be able to watch the recording later, so who cares? I scroll through Instagram, nap a little, eat a little, say hi to a friend or two — and then the day is gone. And somehow I’m surprised every time the sunlight slips through my hands. 

TTLG: Bittersweet Returns

(06/02/21 6:15am)

On a morning in early February of this year, I walked into Baker Library at 9:17 a.m. I entered from the west, and I paused to take in the scene. Checkered tiles receded hypnotically into space; low winter sun slanted in from the windows. Blobby was quiet, serene. I hadn’t been inside any of Dartmouth’s libraries since sophomore summer, and suddenly, I had my favorite study spot all to myself. I experienced such intense joy, coupled with such poignant grief, at returning to a place I had loved throughout my first two years at Dartmouth, that I immediately stored the memory of that moment as a quasi-religious experience. 

Editors' Note

(06/02/21 6:00am)

The pandemic has affected students of all ages in different ways. Although it's easy to claim that one Class had it worse than another, we have all had our college experiences irreversibly altered. And for the Class of 2021, they will be graduating from Dartmouth in just a few weeks following over a year of largely remote learning. 

Graduates, Interrupted: ’21s Look Forward to Continuing School Past Graduation

(05/27/21 6:20am)

Gap years, graduating late, switching around our D plans: My friends and I have all thrown around these ideas casually since COVID-19 altered the college experience. What once seemed like a neat and orderly four-year timeline has since become far more individual, ad-hoc and ever-changing. More interesting, though, is the way that this situation has impacted the senior class. In order to make the most of their remaining time and personal goals, some seniors have decided to take the leap of faith and graduate late. 

TTLG: Back on Two Feet

(05/27/21 6:05am)

Over the course of my four years at Dartmouth, I’ve met many extraordinary people, taken fantastic classes, studied abroad twice, met then-presidential candidate Joe Biden here in Hanover and grown enormously as a scholar and human being. Most of my experiences have been tremendously positive. But my most notable negative experience ultimately made me into a much more resilient individual, even though I would not wish it on anyone else. 

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