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Power Trip: ’24s Prepare to Lead First-Year Trips

(08/26/21 6:10am)

Almost 90 years ago, the Dartmouth Outing Club started the First-Year Trips program to provide incoming students with an opportunity to engage with outdoor activities on and around campus. While the program was initially oriented toward students who would likely join the DOC later in their time at Dartmouth, it soon expanded to become a valuable pre-college bonding opportunity, allowing students to feel at home in the Dartmouth community even before their first day of classes.

Who Ran Off With Our Composite?

(08/13/21 7:00am)

Warm summer nights in Hanover lend themselves to outdoor music, late-night swimming and exploits such as hauling a 9’ by 5’ pong table across Webster Ave to your house of affiliation. That is, if you’re taking part in the friendly tradition of stealing from other Greek houses and setting off amicable wars of retaliation. The majority of Dartmouth students are Greek-affiliated, providing ample opportunity for inter-house shenanigans. Some frequently stolen items include pong tables and composite pictures of sorority and fraternity classes, but some ambitious thieves set their sights on more cumbersome or elusive objects.

Is Sophomore Summer Living Up to the Hype?

(08/13/21 7:10am)

Fortunately, for members of the Class of 2023 and some members of the Class of 2022 who are on-campus, an in-person sophomore summer is underway for the first time since 2019. Now that pandemic restrictions have been relaxed — for the most part — has our post-pandemic sophomore summer lived up to the expectations and rumours we heard from upperclassmen? 

Just Passing Through!

(07/16/21 7:10am)

With the White Mountains as a backyard, Dartmouth has always provided a temporary home to through hikers, whether they’re just hiking in the area or trekking the entire Appalachian Trail. If your curiosity has ever been piqued by someone in town with a frame pack more than half their size, chances are, you’ve caught a through hiker.

What’s Behind Your Rainbow Logo?

(07/02/21 7:05am)

Growing up in New York City meant that Pride was an expected celebration in June. I remember walking my six-year-old sister to the playground, her eyes level with all sorts of skirts and tutus as New Yorkers packed the streets to celebrate. Parade floats, cheering, and bars and restaurants seeming to pour people out onto the streets — all these sights characterize the weekend surrounding the celebration of Pride Month. The Pride March originated in New York in 1970, the year after the Stonewall riots. The June 1969 riots were a series of spontaneous demonstrations by members of the gay community in response to police raids and arrests that had been threatening queer spaces.

Who Writes These Emails, Anyway?

(07/02/21 7:00am)

“I’m waking up every morning thinking about how we can tell the story of Dartmouth,” vice president for Communications Justin Anderson said. Along with the rest of the Office of Communications, Anderson helps to facilitate administration messages to the Dartmouth community — from campus-wide emails to the “Community Conversations” livestream. This year more than ever, campus life has been shaped by College communications dispensing information about COVID-19 regulations, quarantine restrictions and more. I spoke to Anderson to explore how the College disseminates essential information to the community, step by step. 

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